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Lead the way — Make your business resilient with robust automation

Opcon architecture

Businesses have never faced so many converging challenges.

COVID-19 has disrupted every single organization, leaving scrapped business plans in its wake. SMA Technologies wants to keep you moving forward by increasing the efficiency of your business processes and adding resiliency to your IT infrastructure. Our automation platform is called OpCon and, to help you get started, we are waiving installation fees for all new contracts.

This is a limited time offer is available only to those new customers who purchase OpCon through May 30. Installation of OpCon in the environment is waived, services are delivered remotely. Customers are required to purchase a second week of implementation, customizing the OpCon instance to the customer's environment. Customers are also entitled to $0 basic training for the term of the contract, with no limits to participants attending. It is our commitment to ensure our customers are successful!

Contact Us for more information.

If a task can be broken down into steps, it can be automated. It’s time to automate a lot of the business processes that, while essential, eat up a lot of valuable working hours. It can be something as simple as auto-assigning IT requests, to exceptionally complicated cross-enterprise workflows that pull data from multiple apps hosted on-prem and in the cloud.

We offer a few services which can help keep your operations going during this time:

  • Automation Consultancy — Our Automation consultants specialize in knocking out short-term, high-ROI automation projects for clients. Think of them as a short-term boost to help your team knock out a project, fast.
  • MAS — Our Automation experts can manage your OpCon environment and implement your long-term initiatives. Think of them as an extension of your team.

We love solving problems for our clients, and we are the backbone of several organizations that run over 100,000 workflows daily on our automation platform. If you are encountering challenges in your day to day operations and want to make your IT infrastructure more resilient with robust automation, please reach out to us for a consultation.

Consult with one of our automation experts

SMA Technologies has been solving our client's toughest challenges for 40 years. If you have a challenge, let us help you automate the solution.

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