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Larry Ellison, Chairman & CTO of Oracle, talks automation and the generational shift in the cloud market

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Automation Benefits
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Dec 9th, 2015

Larry Ellison, chairman and CTO of Oracle, one of SMA Technologies’ technical partners, talked at Oracle OpenWorld about the changing landscape of cloud market, and the steps Oracle has had to take in the last few years to stay ahead of its competition.

“In this new world of cloud computing, everything has changed. And almost all of our competitors are new,” Ellison said. Traditional powerhouses like IBM and SAP now compete with companies like Microsoft, SalesForce and Amazon for Oracle’s attention.

Ellison also said that the company has “doubled and redoubled our efforts to automate more and more things inside of the Oracle Database, inside of Oracle Middleware, inside of Oracle Applications” in an effort to reduce the labor associated with running such technology.

“Automation accomplishes two things,” Ellison said. “One, it dramatically lowers your cost in consuming the technology and implementing these fault-tolerant systems. And second, it eliminates human error. If human beings are going through hundreds or thousands of steps configuring these systems, sometimes they make a mistake. So automation lowers cost and helps us meet our reliability goals. Very important.” Click here to read the full article.

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