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Client success stories

One of the highest forms of praise a client can give you is when they tell their peers about the solution you’ve provided for them. Our clients love to talk about how we help them solve core business challenges.

We are client-obsessed

There are two core questions to be pondered while reflecting back on our 39 year history as an automation company. How has SMA Technologies managed to grow to 1,000 + customers and 8 offices around the globe without being eaten up by a larger competitor? How have we maintained clients for 30 years with an average client tenure of 10 years through changes in their IT and executive leadership? The answer is that at SMA Technologies we are client-obsessed, and the results prove it.

Client-driven, not investor-driven

Our two biggest competitors, BMC and CA, are both owned by large entities where they are merely pieces of a portfolio, rather than companies that control their own destiny. BMC was bought by KKR, a global investment firm, and CA was acquired by Broadcom. When this sort of situation happens, accountability to clients becomes far less of a priority than accountability to shareholders. SMA Technologies is privately held and our only accountability is to our clients. Meeting the needs of our clients will always come first, and we have a 39 year track record of doing just that.

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Nimble and fast

At SMA Technologies we provide workload automation solutions, and we do it very well. We achieve superior results for our clients because we’ve set up our processes to channel client feedback and requests directly to our product development team, solution consultants, and our Managed Automation Services team. These teams collaborate to create the optimal solution to meet the goals of each client.

Over 70% of our implemented features in our workload automation platform, OpCon, are a result of client requests

Solution consultants offer quick turn-arounds for client automation requests

Migration framework streamlines large projects


Unmatched reliability and support

Uptime is the expectation from our clients, and we’ve spent 39 years refining our products to provide that. We have a dedicated in-house support team and also offer 24/7 monitoring and resolution through our Managed Automation Services team.

  • Over 1,000 clients using OpCon supported with 24/7 global coverage
  • In-house support team and product development team, not outsourced
  • Over 90% of support calls resolved same business day
  • Most enterprise clients average 1 support call every 5 years, OpCon “just works”

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Unlock the full potential of your business and employees through SMA Technologies automation platform, OpCon. We automate complex workflows to help you drive operational efficiency.

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OpCon overview
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