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Reliable automation helped improve accuracy, efficiency, and work-life balance

"The time-saving and work-life balance it brings is incredibly valuable. Without this tool, we'd have to increase staffing significantly in this area." Molly Schmidt, VP of Information Technology

Founded in 1934, Veridian Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative based in Waterloo, Iowa.

  • $5B in assets
  • 250,000+ members
  • Fiserv DNA
  • 29 branches
  • 900+ employees

How it started

Veridian currently uses Fiserv DNA, which they converted to from Fiserv XP2 in 2019. For their 10-year anniversary with OpCon, we wanted to hear their story.

In 2011, Veridian was using Fiserv XP2 for their core, and the IBM AJS (Automated Job Scheduler) and Windows Task Scheduler for batch files. Reliability and errors were issues with this outdated system. 24-hour staffing was a necessity to keep things running.

"Without an automation tool, we had to schedule employees to cover system processing 24 hours per day...Now we're able to let the schedule run automatically, have no more overnight shifts, and we're able to expand automation into other parts of the organization." - Dustin Ganfield, Core Systems Analyst

After evaluating a few solutions at conversion, OpCon won because the competition "didn't have the modules, notifications, or escalations that OpCon offered."

*OpCon has a custom UI integration for XP2 users, and a dedicated agent for DNA.

Veridian was able to save over 1,000 staff hours per year simply because no one had to come in early to help sort out unresolved backlogs from overnight schedules. They haven't had to delay morning processes, which affected member services, since they implemented OpCon.

The switch from Fiserv XP2 to Fiserv DNA

SMA's automation consultants have a lot of experience with both of these cores, greatly reducing the complexity and potential risk of moving to the newer core. Our team collaborated with Veridian's IT stakeholders to map out and implement the migration of automated processes from XP2 to DNA's template method of setting up jobs.

"Once we understood how DNA was packaging their queues and application groupings, it was pretty slick. We had to backtrack a little bit, but it wasn't too complicated. DNA is still command-line heavy in the way jobs get submitted, so we had to make sure we had the right Oracle packages installed."

How Veridian Credit Union is utilizing OpCon today

Veridian's core systems team automates:

  • Repetitive jobs for core system
  • Multiple third-party processes with core-integrated functionality
  • Posting files from fed and card vendors
  • Statement compilation and distribution
  • Exchange of time-sensitive files for reporting or processing

"Our business intelligence team writes tons of reports. It's super easy for OpCon to get the info and send it to the BI team in scheduled reports. We're looking to get more people access to run custom reports through Self Service." James Risius, Automation Administrator

Veridian has expanded significantly since 2011, and now has 29 branches across the state of Iowa, and has also made inroads with new branches in eastern Nebraska. The addition of new branches and growth of the organization has added complexity to the IT environment but has not affected job processing because OpCon does its job regardless of size.

Molly Schmidt added this, "We know there's more to SMA and what we can do here in the future. We appreciate the partnership; everyone has been nice to work with and knowledgeable."

As of the date of this article, Veridian CU is open to exploring ways to move to the cloud but prefers to stay on-prem as much as possible.

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