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SMA empowers Financial Institutions to automate efficiency

Financial institutions of all types and sizes are in an innovation race. Our automation experts have helped hundreds of companies in the financial industry, from small credit unions to large datacenter providers. We have a large library of connectors and extensive experience with migrations and conversions. We can help your company become more efficient, scalable, and agile. Over 600 financial institutions rely on OpCon to empower their businesses.
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To help deliver ROI, here are three areas where SMA’s automation platform can help you deliver immediate value:

1. Optimize your ACH processing time

"We can let it run at two in the morning without staff. It runs in 10 minutes, because it’s automated.”
- Nick Wilcox, Frandsen Financial

2. Utilize your WLA platform to achieve RPA victories

"The greatness of it is the flexibility of the scheduling and the integration of all platforms and processes.”
- Computer Operations Manager, financial services firm

3. Automate your loan origination process

"Our most recent automation project had to do with our mortgage origination system where we automated virtually all of the steps being done by a human.”
VP of IT, financial services firm

Contact one of our experts to learn more about what SMA Technologies can do for you.