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June 4th Update

SMA has re-opened our Houston office, but with strict protocols, including temperature checking and social distancing. Most of our employees continue to work remotely, but the office is open if individuals and the leadership team want to meet in person.

In May we ran our first OpCon installs and training classes remotely, and everything went off without any significant issues. Going forward, we're going to continue offering these services remotely. For clients that prefer to have a consultant on-site to do an install or perform upgrades, we're working with them to ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to for the protection of their staff and SMA employees.

April 1st update

SMA's staff will continue to work remote through April. Training will continue to be remote through end of May.

March 27th update — Progress in extra­or­di­nary times

Dear SMA Technologies clients,

A lot’s happened in the last few weeks! We hope this email finds you and your family healthy and safe.

With all the gloom and doom, we wanted to send out a different sort of correspondence, and shine some light through a fairly dark time.

Our teams are hunkered down, safely working remote and making the most of it! Here are some cool things going on at SMA that we are pretty proud of:

  • Our Managed Automation Service Team (MAS) has not only kept 100% of their commitments, but also helped a few clients deal with events like unexpected fail overs
  • Despite travel being on hold, our consultant team has been able to keep 97% of their engagements to our clients (and are now earning frequent flyer miles going between their home office and kitchen)
  • Our support team has continued to maintain response times and issue close rates
  • We also received our SOC2 Type 1 report, and are now officially SOC2 compliant
  • Innovation continues to be a top priority through this time as well - our development team has maintained their output velocity week over week and are on track to release several new agents. Stay tuned!
  • Our Innovation Lab continues to grow as well, with the addition of 10 new projects

We’re proud of our team and the commitment they are showing through everything. We wish your organization the best and hope you are also making the most out of a difficult time.

Please reach out if we can help with anything at all. We’re here.

Thank you,

SMA Technologies

March 16th update – No impact to client support

SMA remains confident in our ability to maintain the high levels of client support that you expect from us through the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are in need of additional solutions to better facilitate operations during this ongoing situation, please contact your account representative.

Our Managed Automation Services and Automation Consultancy teams are available to assist you remotely.

Following CDC recommendations, we have implemented the following policies:

  • Training classes will now be conducted remotely through the end of March
  • Non-essential business travel has been suspended through April 17th

We will continue to provide additional notifications as necessary.

March 11th update — Being vig­i­lant and sup­port­ing our clients

SMA Technologies is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and acting on recommendations from public health officials and experts. Our number one concern is to protect our employees and clients from potential negative externalities. We will continue to monitor and act accordingly.

We’ve extensively tested remote work functions and are confident in our ability to maintain client support levels and essential business operations through most scenarios. We pride ourselves on providing software that works even when humans may not be able to.

We have not canceled any training classes as of this time. We have notified all clients scheduled to attend training in the coming months about options for rescheduling. If you have questions, please contact