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OpCon's extension integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow

End-users can easily execute complex workflows with self service automation

OpCon’s ServiceNow extension integrates ITSM with workload automation functionality. It creates a bi-directional system where events in one system can trigger workflows in the other. A ServiceNow user becomes empowered to speedily and accurately handle more complicated tasks by gaining access to the complex event and schedule-dependent workflows OpCon excels at executing on the backend.

Here are some ways our customers utilize OpCon With ServiceNow:

Service now 1

Automate the ticketing and resolution of incidents

  • Create a ticket when a job fails, attaching job execution log
  • Trigger a workflow in ServiceNow to start resolution process
  • Track each state of the workflow, with corresponding alert triggers
Service now 2

Leverage OpCon's REST API to trigger multiple workflow steps, including scheduling

  • Overcome the limitations of ServiceNow's built-in realtime automation
  • Manage exceptions and frequency with precise, granular control
  • Make changes to schedules and triggers without impacting other automation
Service now 3

Use ServiceNow's self-service automation workflows to trigger common OpCon workflows

  • Build a schedule
  • Release a task
  • Add a task
  • Provision a server, whether on-prem or cloud-based
Service now 4

Execute common IT requests

  • Handle password resets
  • Automate onboarding - create credentials, assign laptop, etc.
  • Automate offboarding - revoke credentials, assign tech to wipe laptop, etc.

OpCon can do a lot more than that from your ServiceNow console, depending on what your organizational goals are.

Here are a few examples:

  • Initiate failover of local or global services
  • Restart applications
  • Handle file transfers
  • Load and execute containerized services

We'd like to give you a demo showing how OpCon integrates with your ServiceNow environment to add value to your ITSM investment.