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Bank automation: Fatten the bottom line with strategic automation

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Banks are looking for automation solutions that can advance their goals of operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and 24/7 service reliability. SMA Technologies developed the OpCon workload automation platform to check all those boxes.  

Automation in the banking industry is enabling teams to deliver more services and focus on strategic initiatives for growth instead of operational tasks.  

A modern automation platform emphatically delivers high value because it’s not a simplistic scheduler. It’s a tool that will turn your team into IT process orchestration maestros, capable of automating almost any process that can be scripted. Here’s what an automation platform delivers for your bank’s IT team:  

  • Minimize risk by converting manual processes into automated workflows, reducing errors by up to 90%.
  • Create operational efficiency with scalable workflows – a client grew their business by over 700% while only adding a single IT employee.
  • Deliver reliable services with lights out processing – OpCon handles ACH, end of day, and checking processing with repeatable precision.
  • Make regulatory compliance easy with comprehensive exportable audit logs of every automated process.
Opcon demo

Ready to find out how OpCon workload automation can free your banking team?

Our experts will walk you through our interface and show you how easy OpCon is to configure and operate. We’re ready to answer any question you have and show you why we’re the solution of choice for financial institutions.

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Automate once, scale your banking automation system infinitely

If you have to do something more than once, you should automate it. Once you automate a business process it’s like having your most reliable employee running it perfectly every single time. This gives your IT team the power to set and forget more and more processes, clearing up mental bandwidth and allowing them to focus on implementing higher-level initiatives. Most importantly, it means you are drastically reducing the risk of errors from manual processes.

Our automation consultants are experts with long experience automating business processes at banks and financial institutions. We’ve got installation and migration from your existing outdated scheduler down to a fine-tuned process. Our consultants can typically get your team trained and ready to go live with core processing of ACH, EoD, and checking operations by the end of a two-week engagement.

We offer no cost, unlimited basic training for the life of your contract. We know that getting the most out of a software solution requires your team to feel confident in it, and we ensure your team has the knowledge needed to not only run your core IT processes, but to expand automation to other business units, bringing even more value.

Bank automation customers get real solutions from OpCon

Extracting data from the core to provide to 3rd party apps and vendors is a key functionality that Frandsen gets from OpCon.”

– Frandsen Financial

OpCon clients share their experiences

See what real users say about the benefits OpCon brings.


Constantly innovating banking technology to support you

SMA’s Product and Development teams are strong believers in listening to customer feedback. Over 25% of our product features in OpCon have come as the result of client requests.

"You can't build the product customers need if you don't listen to what the customers want."
- Ben Demaree, Director of Consulting Services

Opcon deploy

Don’t break your workflows when you update code or apps

OpCon Deploy is a time-saving change management tool, ensuring swifter roll-outs of new code or services along with the automated workflows that integrate them into your IT system.

  • Maintain full life cycle control from development to testing and production.
  • Simulate before going live to address issues before they can become live production problems.
  • Revert to previous working version with the click of a button.

Workload automation supports banks using IBM i agent

Industry-leading, client-driven IBM i agent creates even more value for IBM users by orchestrating all your jobs as tightly integrated pieces of your whole IT environment.

  • OpCon manages all workflows and processes all FTP and payment activity. 
  • Automated workflows replace time-based schedules, including IPL and backups. 
  • OpCon workflows integrate tasks across all applications and servers, requiring no manual intervention. 

Banking system automations improve your speed and efficiency

SQL agent provides a consolidated mechanism for speeding up your database scripting and related activities, manageable through the OpCon interface. 

  • Make life much easier for DBAs by integrating any common SQL script into automated workflows.
  • Backup data easier with time or event-driven scheduling options, along with contingency workflows to restart a failed backup and notify stakeholders.
  • Monitor incoming files to automatically import to database and run third-party apps that utilize the database for business intelligence, reporting, inventory management, etc.
Opcon self service

Banking system automation removes the productivity loss from interruptions

Self Service bank automation empowers users to trigger complex workflows with the push of a button, freeing the IT team from common requests and allowing them to scale their output. 

  • Restart services or pull reports from branch locations individually or all at once.
  • Generate on-demand reports for end-users without giving them access to sensitive systems.
  • Allow end-users to send files to other banks and vendors without requiring IT support.

Our financial automation integrations

Fiserv Premier

SMA automates the Fiserv Premier banking core processing system, ensuring Fiserv customers can execute all their processing needs with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Fiserv DNA

We developed a custom integration with Fiserv DNA that makes it super simple to automate DNA processes and reduce management and implementation time.

Other core banking processors

OpCon has a comprehensive library of connectors and agents that can orchestrate automated job schedules and event-driven workflows on almost any legacy system

Stay at the front with new technology in banking

Technology always moves fast, and we won’t let you get left behind. We offer both a yearly and short-term (approximately every six week) feature release cycle, along with integrations for AWS, Azure, Docker, and more. When you’re ready to upgrade your systems, OpCon has the tools you need.

Automation resources for banks

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Upcoming Events

Gain knowledge that can elevate your ability to drive high-ROI business initiatives with automation. Sign up for one of our topical webinars or informal roundtables hosted by our in-house automation experts.


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