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RSJ package (Symitar Episys)

More than half of credit unions with over $200M in assets use OpCon. Why aren’t you?

Symitar’s Epsisys core processing platform is a popular choice among financial institutions with over $50M in assets, and it’s a market leader among the largest credit unions (those with over $1B in assets). It’s a powerful core platform that receives regular updates throughout the year. Further, Episys can be customized in nearly endless ways to scale with your credit union as you grow.

Episys is flexible and stable, and it accommodates third-party integrations well.

It’s a robust tool, but its ACH processing faces the same challenges as all the other players in this space. There’s tremendous opportunity to improve this critical component within Episys.

Opportunity to improve: ACH processing

ACH processing in Episys functions much like you’d expect if you’ve seen other core processing platforms at work. The system improves upon older methods of account reconciliation, but it’s far from perfect in its execution. ACH processing has brought significant automation to banking, but the ACH component remains remarkably fragile.

Many credit unions running on Episys continue to rely on a job scheduler for batch processing. The weakness in this method is the manual interventions it requires. Every error that creates a job failure requires manual human intervention.

The end result of the standard process for handling ACH processing is that a supposedly automated process frequently reverts to a manual one. One error can throw the entire job schedule, and progress grinds to a halt until your staff member finds and fixes the problem. Much of the time, credit unions must rerun the entire job schedule after fixing a single job that throws an error.

If that weren’t enough difficulty, ACH regulations have recently changed. Today, credit unions must run this process a minimum of two times a day rather than just once.

This supposedly automated process remains pretty manual, requiring significant human tending and troubleshooting. At OpCon, we saw considerable room for improvement. We’ve found a better way to handle credit union automation, one that drastically speeds up ACH processing by addressing the inherent problems.

Welcome to workload automation with OpCon.

The OpCon solution: workload automation

OpCon’s powerful workload automation tools are the ideal solution to the issues that hamper ACH processing within Symitar’s Episys core platform. With OpCon, your team can speed up ACH processing and reduce errors and job failures.

Legacy job schedulers haven’t changed much in the past 20+ years. Just like when the technology was introduced, they still can’t proceed once they encounter an error. Someone on your staff has to work into the night babysitting the process or be prepared to come at a moment’s notice if there’s a problem to solve.

OpCon brings true modernized workload automation to ACH processing. We saw the opportunity for innovation and modernization. We asked what was stopping us from creating fully automated workflows that could handle ACH processing without all this human intervention. Then we solved those problems and built that solution.

Our workload automation system activates when a workflow or job fails, spinning up a new instance or workflow so that the job schedule can continue running. With OpCon, a single failure doesn’t stop the process.

Our modern solution is event-driven, one that allows users to create triggers that can kick in and resolve errors as they are discovered.

Not only that, OpCon also grows with you and learns over time. On those rare occasions where human intervention is still needed, you’ll usually be able to build a new automation to match that intervention. The next instance of that problem will then be resolved through automation and won’t need human intervention.

And because OpCon integrates with Episys, your team can run OpCon jobs from within the Episys interface, further simplifying their work processes.

Trust the market leader in workload automation for credit unions

Over 50% of large credit unions are already using OpCon, and our results show you the reasons why:

  • OpCon clients have reduced ACH processing time from multiple hours to as short as 15 minutes.
  • OpCon eliminates an average of 90% of human errors.
  • OpCon improves your team’s quality of life by eliminating errors and the need for nighttime staff.

If your credit union is ready to take a leap forward thanks to automation, OpCon is here for you.