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  • OpCon integrates with Fiserv DNA to supercharge core processing

Fiserv DNA package

More than half of credit unions with over $200M in assets use OpCon automation. Why aren’t you?

Credit unions using Fiserv DNA for their core processing needs benefit from numerous advantages. This consumer-centric platform is organized around individuals and their relationships, and it’s built on a modern, open architecture.

Real-time continuous processing capabilities and an intuitive, responsive user interface add additional value to the platform.

Fiserv DNA is an excellent tool in many ways, but there’s an opportunity to make it a lot better.

Room for improvement: ACH processing

ACH processing in Fiserv DNA is respectable, and it’s an improvement over older methods of account reconciliation, to be sure. But for all the automation ACH processing has brought to banking, it’s still a fragile process.

By relying on a job scheduler for batch processing, credit unions find themselves in a situation where every error that creates a job failure requires manual intervention.

The end result? This supposedly automated ACH processing ends up requiring regular human intervention. In many cases, credit unions must rerun the entire job schedule after fixing just one problematic job.

Then, to add insult to injury, ACH regulations have recently changed. Now, credit unions must do this process twice a day at minimum rather than just once.

For a solution with “automated” right in the name, it still feels pretty manual to us. There’s significant room for improvement. We’ve found a better way to handle credit union automation, one that addresses the problems inherent to ACH processing.

Welcome to workload automation with OpCon.

The solution: workload automation

Workload automation with OpCon is the solution to the weaknesses inherent to ACH processing within Fiserv DNA. OpCon speeds up ACH processing and reduces errors and job failures.

There’s an open secret regarding the legacy technology involved here: many job schedulers are operating pretty much exactly the same today as they did 20 years ago. Legacy job schedulers can’t proceed once they encounter an error, forcing humans to stay late and babysit or be prepared to come in at all hours of the night to solve a problem.

Here’s where OpCon comes in. We realized there was plenty of room for innovation and modernization in this arena. We asked the question, “Why can’t this be really, truly automated?” And then we built that solution.

Our workload automation system can step in when a workflow or job fails, starting up a new job so that a single failure doesn’t break the entire job schedule. Our modern solution is event-driven, and users can create triggers that can kick in and resolve errors as they are discovered.

OpCon is a powerful tool, one that grows with your credit union and essentially learns over time. Whatever process a human would go through to fix a bad job, most can be programmed into a workflow and tried automatically.

And with Fiserv DNA integration, your team will have an easier time operating your Core ERP because they can run OpCon jobs from within the DNA interface.

OpCon is a trusted market leader

Over 50% of large credit unions are already using OpCon. We’re a trusted market leader, and our results speak for themselves.

  • OpCon has reduced ACH processing time from multiple hours to just 15 minutes for some clients.
  • OpCon reduces manual errors on average by over 90%.
  • OpCon saves you valuable time and reduces the number of instances where humans must intervene.
  • OpCon improves the team’s quality of life by eliminating errors and the need for nighttime staff.

If your credit union is ready to take a leap forward thanks to automation, OpCon is here for you.