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OpCon and Corelation KeyStone

More than half of credit unions with over $200M in assets use OpCon.

Corelation KeyStone is the most prominent core processing platform built exclusively for credit unions. Other solutions may be useful for credit unions, but they include features geared more for banks or are parts of larger suites of tools aimed at commercial banking.

If you’re looking for a core processing platform with the elements and focus you need without the extra weight, KeyStone is worth considering. This scalable, flexible, open platform is intentionally narrow in its focus, and that’s part of the beauty of it.

For all the strengths we see in KeyStone, there’s one area that could stand to be improved. ACH processing in KeyStone falls prey to some challenges that require innovative third-party solutions.

ACH processing leaves a lot to be desired

The ACH processing component of KeyStone isn’t much different than other vendors’ approaches. While there are slight improvements over older methods of account reconciliation, there are plenty of remaining weaknesses. For all the automation that ACH processing has brought to banking, the technology cannot overcome errors and breaks easily.

Many credit unions running on KeyStone rely on a job scheduler that hasn’t changed much in a decade or two for batch processing. This dated underlying technology cannot resolve errors when they occur. Every job failure requires a human touch to resolve.

What was supposed to be an automated process (it’s called the automated clearing house after all), then, still requires significant amounts of manual intervention. A single error sends the entire job schedule offline until someone one your team can manually resolve the error. And often, even the work preceding the error must be rerun, too, since the entire job schedule has to run successfully to complete the batch process.

On top of those challenges, new regulations went into effect recently requiring credit unions to do ACH processing at least twice a day rather than just once.

At OpCon, we saw significant room for improvement within ACH processing. Our automation solution eliminates up to 90% of the remaining manual work associated with ACH processing. We’ve developed a better approach to credit union automation, one that drastically speeds up ACH processing, reduces errors, and integrates with your existing core processing platform.

Welcome to workload automation with OpCon.

The OpCon solution: workload automation

OpCon’s powerful workload automation tools solve the problems discussed above with ACH processing within the Corelation KeyStone core platform. With OpCon, your team can speed up ACH processing and reduce errors and job failures thanks to the power of modern workload automation.

How do we do it? By bringing modern workload automation to ACH processing, we remove much of the need for human intervention. When the job scheduler throws an error, OpCon’s workload automation tools can recognize the type of error and automatically try a workflow to resolve it.

Our workload automation system activates when a workflow or job fails, spinning up a new instance or workflow so that the job schedule can continue running. Finally, with OpCon, a single failure no longer stops the job schedule.

Our event-driven tools let users create triggers that can kick in and resolve errors as they are discovered. And OpCon grows with your organization, learning more over time. Any situations that still require human intervention are opportunities to continue automating. Most of the time, your team can build a new automation to match that intervention, so the next time that error occurs, OpCon can resolve it automatically.

OpCon integrates with KeyStone, too, meaning your team can run OpCon jobs without leaving the KeyStone interface.

OpCon is a trusted market leader in workload automation for credit unions

OpCon delivers impressive results for credit unions. This is why over 50% of large credit unions are already using OpCon. Imagine what you could accomplish with results like these:

  • OpCon clients have reduced ACH processing time from multiple hours to as short as 15 minutes.
  • OpCon eliminates an average of 90% of human errors.
  • OpCon improves your team’s quality of life by eliminating errors and the need for nighttime staff.

If your credit union is ready to implement a truly modern workload automation tool, let’s talk.