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Ready for Dig­i­tal Business

IBM i is often described as a legacy system. In fact, it has strongly embedded virtualization, a technology independent layer and an open philosophy that includes ZEND, PHP, Node.JS, GIT and Python to name a few. In addition, IBM i has enviable reliability and a total cost of ownership that is lower than any other server/database combination. IBM i has continually evolved and embraced new technologies just like SMA Technologies, and both OpCon and IBM i have a strong and successful history. IBM i with OpCon is a perfect combination and should be at the heart of the business.

IBM i and OpCon

If businesses are using IBM i, then adding OpCon brings several new dimensions such as world-class automation, robotic process automation (RPA), integration with all systems and a single point of control. SMA Technologies has a mature and robust agent for IBM i that tightly integrates with OpCon. The agent supports advanced local automation solutions as well as full message management, dynamic variables, multi-step job scripting, operator replay and much more. The IBM i agent sends events back to the OpCon server and monitors all jobs. All this means is that a lights-out operation is easy with OpCon.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the ability to automate human actions. OpCon for IBM i includes an Operator Replay capability that is widely used to record and playback actions. Manual activities, such as entering orders or triggering day-end processing from a menu, can be automated easily in OpCon just as if the operator had executed it. With real-time adaptation using variables, the IBM i agent for OpCon imitates manual tasks which can be embedded in any OpCon workflow.

Mul­ti­ply the Pow­er of the Data Center

Beyond the cross-platform centralized solution, the power of OpCon is extended into many different operating systems with tools that are adapted to their unique capabilities. By integrating the workflows and dependencies together in a single, universal user interface, OpCon can manage even the most complex IT environments from a single point of control.

Conversion Framework

SMA Technologies has been in business for over four decades and has converted many different schedulers and automation tools during that time. Our automation experts have robust, efficient and highly automated techniques that enable us to assimilate all tasks with zero downtime and zero risk to the business. Converting to OpCon under our well-practiced framework will provide greater visibility and immediate benefits with a single point of control.

Operational Advantages

  • Monitoring with recovery action
  • Watch for jobs stuck with MSGW
  • View IBM i job logs from OpCon
  • Automate operator action with logging
  • Passwords encrypted
  • Easily rerun jobs with different parameters
  • Advanced parallel processing reduces run time
  • Step-level recovery/restart options
  • Improved disaster recovery times and accuracy
  • Centralized diagnosis from OpCon console

IBM i Agent Features

  • Message management
  • Spool file management
  • Multi-step job scripting with step-level restart
  • Operator replay (RPA)
  • Job capture and tracking
  • Automated report scanning
  • File transfer automation
  • Restricted mode automation
  • Data capture with value testing/response
  • Security and object authority management
  • Automated software updates
  • Automated distribution of configurations
  • Dynamic Variables support all features
  • Network-wide bidirectional data sharing
  • Automated database maintenance
  • Flexible File Arrival watchers
  • Integration with IBM i Navigator monitors