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OpCon and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Automate and integrate enterprise resource planning applications from a single point-of-control with OpCon

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX Processes

SMA Technologies has integrated automation for Microsoft Dynamics® AX with OpCon. With this integration, it is possible to manage all application processes from a single point-of-control. This enables IT departments to automatically start, stop and delay processes within Microsoft Dynamics AX based on processes from other applications. Microsoft Dynamics AX operations will no longer be managed in a silo because OpCon fully integrates it with the rest of the automated environment.

Dynamics Integration Features

  • Run batch jobs
  • Run reports
  • Integrate with Multi-Application Object Server
  • Recover execution logs within OpCon’s interface
  • Automate exit code recovery
  • Incorporate event-driven automation
  • Manage better with notification and escalation
  • Stay informed with auditing and reports

Automating and Integrating ERP Silos

Companies often use multiple ERP and applications for different aspects of the business; additionally, these processes are related and require integration. Sales representatives require updated inventory in addition to pricing and product information to make a sale. This type of information can be spread out over different applications. The ability to automatically integrate multiple ERPs will greatly improve the efficiency of the business. When the sales representatives can trust the consistency of data from multiple applications, they will be able to execute more sales and grow the business.

Keeping Up with Changing Environments

The IT environment is constantly moving to keep up with technology. As a result, ERP applications are no longer solely located on-premises but have begun to move to cloud or hybrid environments. This can provide many challenges to an IT department. OpCon provides the solution to fully automate and integrate processes no matter where they are located. Adding the OpCon integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX will enable IT infrastructure to flow with the speed of business.

OpCon can solve your challenges

OpCon excels at orchestrating cross-application, or even cross-environment workflows. Our REST API and extensive integration and agent library means we can connect with most legacy and modern systems.


The business required on-time
data from multiple applications

When a file arrived on a LINUX
system, the data needed to be
parsed and added to Microsoft
Dynamics AX

Managing cross-application
processes required manual
intervention including
programming in some cases


A cross-application workflow triggers
within OpCon, which extracts and
updates data in multiple applications

OpCon enables cross-platform file
transfers within Microsoft Dynamics

OpCon provides automation between
Microsoft Dynamics AX and all other


Agility is increased as the business
receives up-to-date information
upon request

Data delivery is accelerated and
secured ensuring the business
runs smoothly

Scripting efforts are reduced by as
much as 87% in some cases and
input errors are eliminated

Up-to-Date Data with the Click of a Button

End users usually have access to the ERP, but do not have access to all applications that must be updated with the same information. With Self Service and the Microsoft Dynamics AX integration for OpCon, all applications can be updated with the click of a single button. The IT department can configure Self Service to update Microsoft Dynamics AX and all related applications. The end user simply fills in the new value in Self Service, and OpCon will update and synchronize all applications. This will improve the flow of information through the company, improving overall efficiencies.

Empowering the Business with OpCon

  • Accelerate processes by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Bring agility by using the central OpCon interface to make easy changes to any process, including Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Eliminate errors by automatic recovery processing and notification
  • Improve security and reliability by automating Microsoft Dynamics AX from OpCon, which also provides overall auditing and reports across systems