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Open up to a new World of Automation

In this world of the internet of things (IoT), everything is connected to everything. These connections and integrations rely on web services that are not only found on the internet; they are also powering on-premises applications. The challenge, therefore, is automating and integrating all these new abilities into existing business and IT processes. OpCon provides the ability to quickly and easily integrate web services (RESTful) with automation workflows across the entire operating environment.

Web Services (RESTful) Integration

SMA Technologies has a web services (RESTful) integration for OpCon. With this integration, it’s possible to manage and integrate web services with other applications and platforms. It enables IT to embrace the IoT.

Imagine IT, Automate IT

With the wide range of web services applications, it’s possible to consistently automate any application with a RESTful API. Think about IT service management tools and other critical cloud and on-premises business applications; these are often based on RESTful web services. For example, an ice cream business may want to use weather information to plan how many mobile units to put on the road. With an OpCon workflow and its web services integration, it is possible to fully automate this process based on online weather data. With the OpCon web services integration, businesses are empowered to automate and integrate nearly anything.

Automat­ing and Inte­grat­ing Cloud-Based Architecture

Web services (RESTful) is the new language for the cloud-based architecture. Web services are also commonly found in on-premises applications. OpCon can automate and integrate this latest architecture into the IT environment from a single point-of-control. This enables the integration of established legacy systems with the latest innovations.

A Single Button to Update Data in Multiple Applications

Data often must be updated simultaneously across multiple web services-based applications in the cloud and on-premises. Using Self Service for OpCon, it’s possible to give end-users a simple button where they can fill in the new value. For example, a sales manager might have a single button to update all pricing across the enterprise and enable the business to respond quickly to change. With OpCon and its integrations, businesses can now automate anything.

Web Services (RESTful Integration Features)

  • Use POST, PUT and GET operations with json, xml and html
  • Combine POST and GET operations to poll for information
  • Store GET response values in OpCon variables and/or data files
  • Easily configure secure (SSL) connections
  • Configure custom header attribute