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OpCon Bundles

SMA Technologies offers four tiers of automation packages to scale up with your business requirements.
Opcon pricing update
* Please note both Initial Installation and Basic Training are delivered remotely. Additional consulting services and/or training beyond are available through Consulting Services at standard rates.

How the task-based subscription model benefits your business:

  • Flexible — Unlike a machine-based pricing model, users can expand automation to all servers, including low-volume servers and applications, in a very cost-efficient manner.
  • Fair — You won’t be charged by the job, and we will not penalize you for moderate overages. If you need access to a bigger workflow cap, our team works with you to find a solution.
  • Future-proof — Our REST API and expanding library of connectors come standard with OpCon. As your technology needs change, we’re ready to help you meet them.

(i) Task means each unique set of instructions executed in the OpCon Solution. For clarification purposes, a Task that runs one time on one machine counts as one Task. A Task that runs multiple times on the same machine using the same parameters counts as a Task. A Task that runs on multiple machines or using multiple parameters counts as multiple Tasks. For licensing purposes, a Task is counted whether the unit of work completes successfully or fails

First Year Installation Includes:

1. Establishment of database connectivity

2. Installation of agents on required machines*

3. OpCon Configuration

  • Users and Roles – 2 each
  • Email/SMTP configuration for alerts
  • Active Directory integration (pass-thru authentication) – 1 sync
  • Deploy configuration (if applicable) – 2 servers

4. Solution Manager Configuration

  • Operations dashboard view – 1 custom screen
  • Create Self Service buttons – 2 (if applicable)
  • Vision configuration – 2 cards (if applicable)

5. Examination and assessment of current processes

  • This half day discussion focuses on line-of-business procedures and how they may be implemented in OpCon

6. OpCon Concepts Overview**

  • Best practice
  • New features
  • Solution Manager
  • Operations view
  • Vision (if applicable)
  • Deploy (if applicable)
  • Utilities and Connectors
  • Self Service (if applicable)

*Consulting Services will install a maximum of 10 agents. If there are a high number of agents to be deployed, the consultant will work to ensure the installation can be replicated reliably by the client later. Any agent installation beyond this number requires paid consulting services.

**Delivered in live demo format; Custom Configuration is not included

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