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What chal­lenges do orga­ni­za­tions face with dig­i­tal transformation?

Every day an organization uses outdated processes or technologies, it gets harder to catch up — and even harder to get ahead. But the challenges of digital transformation are even more fundamental than updating systems. Consider the following:

  • Over 50% of survey respondents are unaware of or don’t know if their company is pursuing digital transformation initiatives*
  • Roughly 80% of respondents say their company is planning or currently in the process of modernizing legacy hardware*
  • When asked about automation technologies specifically, about 70% are trying to expand automation or feel that automation should be expanded into other areas of the business*

*Source: SMA Technologies 2018 State of Automation Survey

Taken together, these data points have two major implications:

  1. Organizations and their employees recognize the value of updating legacy hardware and adopting automation, but they are still largely in the conceptual phases, rather than “making it happen”.
  2. While employees are largely aware of updating technology, they are largely unaware of digital transformation, suggesting a lack of company cohesion around the higher-level concept of digital transformation.

Digital transformation must enhance not only systems and processes, but people and business units. In short, it requires transformative change.

And transformative change requires transformative technology.

The trans­for­ma­tive pow­er of APIs

Don’t rely on old ways of automating with solutions such as Robotic Process Automation. APIs are the reliable way to integrate and automate with various applications. With OpCon’s robust support for APIs, IT can write scripts that hook into other departments, enabling your organization to maintain automated processes even as technologies and departments are updated. API-driven integration is also key to achieving DevOps agility.

The advan­tages of SMA Tech­nolo­gies and OpCon

  • We’re an automation partner, not just a platform. We don’t just give you the technology. We give you knowledge, expertise, and unrivaled client service.
  • As other automation vendors like CA Technologies and BMC are selling to investment firms, SMA remains a private company that will always focus on clients, not numbers.
  • OpCon frequently saves clients upwards of 50% on automation.

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