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SMA Technologies: The Company Behind OpCon Automation

SMA Technologies is dedicated to the single purpose of giving our clients and their employees time back by automating processes, applications, and workflows.

We believe eliminating repetitive, manual tasks enable our clients to free up staff to focus on strategic contributions to better serve their customers and drive their business forward.

Automation DNA Built Over Four Decades

Founded in 1980 by forward-thinking automation experts at NASA, SMA initially captured the imagination of IT teams around the world with the release of the first automation solution running on the UNIVAC 1100 mainframe.

We continued to pioneer innovation in the workload automation space, leading to the introduction of OpCon, the world’s first Windows-based, enterprise-wide automation platform. Over the years, we have developed OpCon into a leading automation software platform capable of supporting most every operating system, application, and ERP system.

As our experience grew, we have been called on by companies with some of the most demanding environments to support high-volume, high-value transactions. This has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted automation providers for financial services and other transactional businesses.

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SMA Today

We are an agile team of creative problem solvers committed to helping clients handle today’s increasing IT workload with fewer resources and manage the complexity of today’s IT environments – from legacy systems to cloud, virtualization and IoT.

Over 1,300 clients trust us with their mission-critical operations. We are committed to earning their trust each day with unmatched domain expertise, industry-leading customer care, and highly reliable software

How We Work

Our core values: collaboration, tenacity and an eagerness to win! Sure, it’s easy to throw these up on a wall and call it good. But that’s not how we do things here at SMA. Our core values were inspired by our incredible team and we use them to vet every single candidate we interview to ensure all new faces joining are driven by what drives us.


More minds are better than one. SMA thrives by not only working in the spirit of camaraderie in house, but also with our clients!

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Whatever speed bumps, obstacles or hurdles we find on our path, we always find a way to persevere to find a way across the finish line.

Eagerness to Win

Competitive is an understatement for our team. Whether it's an internal milestone or going an extra mile for clients - we love to win!


Meet Our Team

In addition to living and breathing our core values, SMA is proud to of our deep domain expertise. Starting with our CEO and seen throughout our Sales, Support, Consulting departments and more - you will see our team has rich, deep history in the financial services sector. When you partner with SMA, you work with professionals who have been there, done that and understand your needs through and through.

Many of our team members joined SMA because they're so fueled by the power of our automation platform, OpCon. From acing workflows to handling holiday exceptions properly, or enabling our clients to actually have a worry free vacation - we're here to make it happen!

Our Philosophy on Providing Great Products and Service

Client Driven

We value our client's feedback - from user groups to advisory boards - SMA is committed to product releases that put time back in your day and make your job easier, not harder.

ROI Generating

Our success team works with each client to ensure you're up and running fast! Throughout our partnership, we work with you to find new areas to automate and drive greater value.

Highly Reliable

Our clients live and die running mission critical operations. In addition to our strong track record of flawless operations, we ensure you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.