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Unlock the potential of your people by automating repetitive tasks that keep them from more critical work. OpCon brings all your systems and applications into a single point of control, making enterprise-wide automation simpler than ever.

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16 Sep

OpCon training (basic) – HQ – September 2019

Sep 16 - Sep 20

This is a one-week OpCon training course designed for OpCon administrators and users.

25 Sep

Nimble, fast, reliable, workflow orchestration with OpCon automation.

Sep 25

Join our webinar to Learn how you can outpace your competition using our client-driven workload automation platform, OpCon

There are two core questions to be pondered while reflecting back on our 39 year history as an automation company. How has SMA Technologies managed to grow to 1,000 + customers and 8 offices around the globe without being eaten up by a larger competitor? How have we maintained clients for 30 years with an average client tenure of 10 years through changes in their IT and executive leadership? The answer is that at SMA Technologies we are client-obsessed, and the results prove it.

06 Oct

MUG User Group Conference

Oct 6 - Oct 10

Join us at the annual MISER User Group (MUG) conference in Clearwater Beach, FL.

07 Oct

OpCon training (basic) – HQ – October 2019

Oct 7 - Oct 11

This is a one-week OpCon training course designed for OpCon administrators and users.

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