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Partner with the leader in enterprise-wide business and IT

SMA Technologies is always open to partnership opportunities and new business development models. In our partners we seek a long-term commitment for sustained growth and customer satisfaction. SMA Technologies is the leading provider of cross-platform automation technology.

Partner with the leader in enterprise-wide automation

As an innovator in the field of enterprise automation, partnering with us will provide unlimited opportunity for sales growth. Our flagship automation platform, OpCon, is our solution used by hundreds of companies from all different industries worldwide.


  • Embrace the wave of excitement around automation
  • Accelerate application delivery with orchestration technology
  • Bridge bi-model with our automation platform
  • Use a Migration Factory service to replace and consolidate old technologies and schedulers with our single point-of-control automation platform
  • Better than RPA and without the risks
  • IT Process Automation tools help deliver on the promise of digital automation.
  • Cloud automation
  • Manage BI/Reporting and ETL projects with automation

Quality and relationships that work

When partnering with SMA Technologies you will be working with passionate automation experts who know how to win automation, migration and digital transformation business. Our solutions are comprehensive, innovative, complimentary, affordable, easy to use and backed by certified professionals. Experience our passion for excellence and benefit from deep training and certification backed by multi-lingual support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SMA Technologies has been growing our innovative portfolio of complementary products for nearly four decades. Whether you are looking to become a partner, reseller, distributor or to OEM automation as a platform, we have the experience and knowledge to help grow any business.

SMA Technologies oversees a wide-ranging partner network that strengthens our offerings and turns our mutual products into strategic solutions for our clients.

Leverage our knowledge of the automation industry to join the automation wave that is sweeping through IT right now; learn from our experts how to support and ensure modernization projects are successful. Our partner onboarding program will ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to implement our products and to build successful projects. Projects we help you be successful at include: modernization, specialist ERP or CRM services, and business process automation and monitoring. Our program is continuous and supportive: when new releases and new features are available, you will be the first to know and the first to be trained, so you can continue to support your customers and be one step ahead of them.

Collaborate to earn

Enterprise automation is widely understood and acknowledged in every industry. With nearly four decades of experience, SMA Technologies has acquired the knowledge needed for continued success. Whether we are helping deliver ERP services more effectively or streamlining operations to business units, we are confident in our platform and our value to our clients.

Partnering with SMA Technologies will open doors to new opportunities. Many of our clients started by automating only one set of workflows on one system but have now expanded that success to encompass enterprise-wide IT and multiple different computing paradigms.

During implementation, you will have choices based on your capabilities and experience. Initially, we project manage and guide the implementation while the new partner shadows our technology experts. Later, these engagements might be partner-led with SMA Technologies providing a quality check and supporting you via best practices.

Partner benefits

  • Fast onboarding, no fees
  • Zero cost licenses for internal use
  • Thorough sales and technical education
  • Sales Primer and competitor knowledge
  • 24x7x365 client support
  • Unlimited sales and marketing tools
  • Expert sales and technical support
  • Product certification and automation best practices

Best-in-class automation

Our award-winning products continue to lead the automation industry with exciting new innovations such as Self Service and API layers for easy connectivity. We also have the broadest range of integrations in the market today. Our integrations span legacy, open systems, virtual and cloud, all leading applications and all major operating systems.

If you have specialist products or knowledge, we should be working together to automate and build on that expertise enabling your customers to do more with less and with higher degrees of accuracy and security.

Partner levels

SMA Technologies works with a global network of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or Alliance Partners to provide best in class solutions for our worldwide clients. These alliances promote market reach and enable us to provide deeper joint solutions.

SMA works with a number of select Business Partners worldwide. Business Partners advocate our workload automation platform OpCon and resell it with value-added services to meet their customers’ needs, helping to facilitate projects of all sizes and requirements. Whether you are a services company, an ERP specialist, a Business Intelligence expert, a cloud and managed service provider, an outsourced company, a legacy platform modernization specialist, an ISV, etc., OpCon can help you boost your customers’ performance and accelerate their digital transformation.

SMA Technologies is developing a network of partners to provide a comprehensive offering related to our automation platform. Solution Partners will have the same passion for excellent client service as we do. SMA Technologies recognizes that businesses face many disruptions and increasing demands, strong partnerships and passionate solution providers can make a substantial difference.

SMA Technologies' partners

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Contact SMA Technologies for partnership opportunities

Join a community of recognized technology leaders and provide your customers with the industry-leading automation platform, OpCon. By becoming an SMA partner you can expand your business opportunities in new lucrative markets. Plan, deploy and manage automation solutions to increase profitability - for your business as well as your customer’s.

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