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IT teams are faster, more efficient, and less stressed with OpCon automation
Discover why

SMA Technologies was founded to help companies unlock the potential of their people by automating the repetitive tasks that keep them from more critical work.

Our original founders met at NASA while they were solving some of the toughest IT issues in the world at that time. The work was challenging and required lots of repetitive tasks to maintain NASA’s mainframes and complex IT processes.

Believing that there had to be a better way, they formed SMA Technologies. Since that time, we have been working with the single purpose of unlocking our clients’ potential by streamlining their IT processes and helping employees be more productive by leveraging our automation platform, OpCon.

By freeing them from repetitive tasks, they can focus on doing the critical work that will help them drive the business.

No matter the industry, from financial services to aerospace, we are there to help our customers use the power of automation to simplify complex IT issues, enabling them to solve their toughest business challenges.

Vision and mission

Vision – To become the most innovative leader in automation by leveraging our points of differentiation: simplicity, value, ease and speed.

Mission – We unlock the potential of our client’s business by automating IT integration to seamlessly orchestrate the complex processes that are required to make their business successful.

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