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The Right Automation Choice to Handle a Hospital's Infor Applications

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May 25th, 2020

Many hospitals and hospital systems rely on Infor as their centralized healthcare IT solution platform. The modular Infor platform easily handles many intricate aspects of healthcare IT. Healthcare organizations enable the modules they need to get work done today, and they can easily start or stop modules as their business needs change.

Infor is great for what it is, but systems built on Infor tend to get very complex, very quickly. Infor environments require significant resources, and your in-house team may begin to strain as it attempts to organize everything manually.

Automation is the key to managing an Infor environment with ease. OpCon Automation integrates well with hospital Infor applications and is an ideal choice in this context.

Infor Works Best With SOAP

Automation is a necessity when working with a large, complex Infor build. Most modern organizations are using a SOAP, or System Orchestration Automation Platform, to accomplish this.

Gartner recently coined this term to describe a new generation of automation solutions that offer orchestration capabilities. SOAPs combine legacy batch processing skills with a wide range of new, advanced abilities:

  • Event-driven automation
  • Data flow management
  • Scheduling, monitoring, visibility, and alerting
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Resource provisioning
  • Self-service automation

OpCon from SMA Technologies operates as a SOAP in Infor environments (as well as many others), empowering healthcare organizations to achieve unprecedented efficiencies through orchestration and automation in their healthcare IT systems.

Infor systems benefit from automation and orchestration

A hospital’s Infor system may be quite powerful, but without an effective automation and orchestration tool, an Infor system will not reach maximum efficiency.

The most obvious benefit of automation and orchestration is efficiency. Organizations that effectively implement automation and orchestration can achieve both speed and cost efficiency goals, simplifying the administrative burden in the process.

Greater agility is another benefit. When a hospital controls all its Infor modules and systems through a single SOAP, IT administrators gain the ability to quickly make changes across multiple systems, modules and instances. Admins also achieve scalability, as they can often deploy identical automated workflows on multiple systems. And thanks to containerization, modules and instances can automatically relaunch when they encounter an error, lessening the need for hands-on interaction.

OpCon automation maximizes patient flow in Infor

Infor’s suite of patient flow tools seeks to create a seamless experience for patients, one that simplifies life for providers as well. A patient’s journey touches on many facets of the healthcare experience, including patient and provider engagement, patient care and recovery, and even patient administration and billing.

There are many chances for missteps along this journey, especially when these various steps exist in disparate systems or modules. The more a hospital relies on human initiative and communication to move the process along, the higher the chance of a dropped ball.

Automation is one solution to patient journey difficulties. When you automate and orchestrate communication and workflow triggers using a SOAP, you remove the wildcard of a busy or forgetful practitioner neglecting to trigger a next step.

OpCon users can build powerful workflows that aren’t limited to one department or module. Users can customize and automate patient flow to whatever degree is comfortable.

OpCon automation empowers billing in Infor

Infor has a robust suite of billing and finance tools that are already empowering healthcare systems to achieve billing efficiency. Organizations using Infor for medical billing are already optimizing and automating their billing processes to a degree. However, processes don’t always talk to each other in the way that operators might want. Your IT team still must manually operate aspects of the system and problem-solve when a module encounters an error.

Infor greatly empowers billing services, but to reach a greater level of efficiency, your organization needs a greater level of automation and orchestration.

OpCon is the solution you need for Infor billing automation and orchestration. OpCon users can create reliable, repeatable workflows that can interact with more than one Infor module. This is a huge advantage over writing automated workflows that are limited to a single module.

Users can control OpCon workflows from a single OpCon platform, and they can create customized, complex orchestrations that maximize Infor efficiency.

OpCon automation enhances application orchestration in Infor

We’ve alluded to this already, but automation is only the beginning with OpCon. Application orchestration is the next level in healthcare IT infrastructure efficiency. This is where OpCon shines.

Application orchestration is the process of building “workflows of workflows” – stitching together various modules and processes that themselves have their own automations. These systems can be self-healing if administrators configure them as containers, too. If an instance encounters an error, a SOAP can spin up a new instance of the module and kill the one that’s malfunctioning.

As a premier system orchestration application platform integrated with Infor, OpCon allows you to create powerful, complex workflows that dip in and out of various systems and modules and even restart themselves when they encounter errors. OpCon with Infor is a powerful technology combination that increases your efficiency while saving cost and time.

Want to learn more about how OpCon and Infor can improve your processes? Schedule a demo today.

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