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Keep Ops going when your team isn’t available

Operations Continuity with SMA’s Managed Automation Services (MAS)

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Jun 30th, 2020

SMA’s automation professionals can be a core component of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The future isn’t predictable, but by adding MAS, you have a contingency plan. When your team isn’t available, the MAS team will step in and ensure you maintain continuity of operations.

MAS brings faster ROI to IT investments

With MAS, clients that manage complex IT Infrastructure have access to in-house industry experts that can help automate, monitor, and manage or co-manage your site, often leading to an increase in site efficiencies. Here are three ways OpCon and MAS deliver scalable value.

  • OpCon works across systems and business units to automate key processes, allowing you to save time, cut costs, reduce risk, and drive your business forward.
  • OpCon can help you meet SLAs. One client saved over $75,000 from a single instance of OpCon identifying, alerting, and resolving a critical issue that would have otherwise required manual intervention.
  • OpCon is scalable. Live clients can run over 160,000 jobs on a single OpCon instance, and multiple OpCon instances seamlessly integrate to meet growth requirements.

OaaS- Operations as a Service 

 What our MAS team offers is affordable, on-demand expertise. They monitor and resolve alerts while implementing best practices in your OpCon environment.  They can work as an extension of your team, augmenting and supporting the efforts of your in-house operators. Or they can run your OpCon environment for you, pushing your automation initiatives forward to deliver high value and ROI on your technology investment.

The value of having experienced automation engineers reviewing and implementing your automation is quantifiable in terms unique to each organization. In a common setup, an organization’s OpCon operator has several other responsibilities in addition to implementing and overseeing automation initiatives. SMA’s automation engineers only do one thing: they program OpCon workflows to solve the business challenges of our clients. They sit right between our development and consulting teams and can call upon decades of OpCon experience to overcome even the toughest challenges you throw at them.

SMA built the MAS team to meet the growing requirements of clients who wanted the peace of mind that comes from knowing that experience automation engineers are going to take care of their critical IT infrastructure.


  • MAS team assists with daily operations
  • OpCon database backups to MAS  
  • Two OpCon upgrades per year (including agents)  
  • Patching when appropriate or needed 
  • Ongoing automation review - highlights new opportunities for automation and recommends where your priority efforts should go to achieve the highest ROI
  • Assistance with automation implementation 

MAS team will monitor and maintain:  

  • OpCon environment — continuous operation 
  • Connectivity of OpCon to database 
  • Routing of notifications from OpCon 
  • Disk space, processor usage, and memory usage on OpCon server 

In addition, our automation engineers will refine and optimize your existing automation and can continue making progress on your automation initiatives while your regulars are unavailable. Our team’s extensive expertise with OpCon typically means they can create optimized workflows with heightened accuracy and speed.  

MAS offers long-term assistance on a full or part-time basis, and we have a standard pricing structure that caters to different levels of service and lengths of contract. We can help give you peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure automation will be in good hands.    

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Disclaimer: At this time, Managed Automation Services are only available in the U.S., but stay tuned for our EMEA offering.

About the author:
Josh is the Director of SMA's Managed Automation Services (MAS) team. He leads his team to consistently meet SLA's and provide operational support by identifying and driving innovative automation solutions for our clients. He's been working with OpCon and automation for 11+ years and has a bachelor’s degree in economics from UT-Austin. Josh is passionate about building strong, highly efficient teams by bringing people together and enabling them to achieve their potential. In his spare time, he loves to attend music festivals with his fiancé, use his smoker to cook meat over long periods of time, and go on hikes in the mountains with his dogs.

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Managed Automation Services for IT Operations and business continuity helps organizations remain operational when employees are on vacation or unavailable. SMA Technologies’ automation experts will step in to maintain continuity of critical business services during emergencies or scheduled time off for essential employees.

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