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Seamlessly manage increasingly complex digital environments with OpCon

The financial industry is among the most technologically complex and heavily regulated. As new technologies enter the area, new supporting systems, client expectations, and compliance issues emerge as well. OpCon automation modernizes your institution’s digital environment to ensure it can adapt to the increasingly complex networks of the future.

Client success stories

Read success stories of organizations that have accelerated digital transformation with OpCon automation.

Changing technology in the financial industry

From core systems and loan origination software, to remote deposit capture and mobile banking integrations, financial institutions have more tools than ever. As financial institutions rely on more technology, things get more complicated. And, with increased complexity comes increased risk.

Modern digital environments are delicate ecosystems, and it doesn’t take much to throw them out of balance. Technical failures may affect job schedule timings, threatening to cascade into other systems.

Cumbersome manual processes impede modern natural data flows. OpCon automation features self-healing routines, and it can halt processes until issues are resolved.

The result? OpCon reintroduces stability and simplicity back into financial institutions’ complex technological climates with automated workflows and higher levels of client service.

Granting power and control to end users

Powered by SMA Technologies, OpCon automation puts power in the hands of those who need it most. OpCon enables end users to initiate and monitor workflows from a single point of control.

Stay in compliance

  • Respond dynamically to regulatory changes in the financial industry
  • Automatically create audit logs to archive OpCon history for reference
  • Adapt to the rigor, speed, and robust privacy requirements of new regulations such as GDPR
  • Limit access to sensitive data and personally identifiable information

Empower end users with self service

  • Approve any user to trigger automation with the simple click of a button
  • Facilitate extensive workflow management to reduce silos
  • Reduce calls to IT by granting users control over their automation procedures
  • Grant indirect system and server access only to authorized users without impeding business processes

Assure flexibility

  • Connect core applications, operating systems, or supporting systems into one seamless, organized solution
  • Automate tedious manual processes, including ACH, end-of-day, and file image transfers, all while avoiding double postings
  • Modernize legacy systems and promote end-to-end digital transformation
  • Focus on higher-level projects to move your business forward and achieve higher scalability

Improving quality of life

As financial landscapes grow more complicated, organizations rely heavily on their IT staff. They remain on call, ready to mobilize if and when something comes up. Often, technical staff must come in during off-hours and non-workdays.

Automation and scheduling allow staff to accomplish more at work so that they have less to take home. Instead of leaning on employees to put in extra effort, OpCon lets computers worry about deadlines, monitoring processes and code, and handling business user requests.

OpCon automation offers quality of life to operations staff. By increasing efficiency and reducing error, it unlocks the potential of every member of an organization. OpCon empowers all users to cover more ground, reducing calls to IT by as much as 80%. That means more time for high-level tasks, stress-free off-hours, and even vacations. OpCon works 24/7 so your people don’t have to.


OpCon Is a foundation for service

  • Enjoy consistent uptime with inbuilt disaster recovery and dedicated support
  • Meet SLA targets regardless of how many transactions you process
  • Move from batch processing to microservices for more consistent data flows
  • Streamline infrastructure without sacrificing performance

Systems as reliable as you

SMA Technologies is committed to the health and wellbeing of your operations. Our OpCon automation ensures your financial institution never misses a beat, and our automation engineers ensure you get the most value out of our platform.

Your clients expect reliability and speed from you. You should expect the same from your digital systems. We simplify your systems to unlock the potential of your people—in turn, they can work on higher-value projects that push your organization forward.

Tell us how you want to automate your enterprise

Unlock the full potential of your business and employees through SMA Technologies automation platform, OpCon. We automate complex workflows to help you drive operational efficiency.

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