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Start with OpCon and the support never stops

When you go with OpCon, you’re getting a team of experts backing up every facet of your automation platform

Transforming your enterprise starts here

Workflow automation opens a whole new world of possibilities to empower your people and elevate your business. But just getting started down the road to automation can be a daunting prospect — unless you’re going there with OpCon.

Our automation experts will guide you through the entire process, all the way from imagining the possibilities to implementing the solution and getting you launched. Not only that, we’ll make the journey easy, intelligent, logical, and even inspiring.

Getting started

Learn how to get started with OpCon in three simple steps.

First: Discover the possibilities

We start by looking at your run sheets, checklists, and procedure documentation to reveal the manual tasks you’re dealing with across your organization and evaluate where automation can make a transformative impact.

During this process we help you visualize what an OpCon solution could look like in your organization.

We provide solution cards, which consolidate best practices built through our experience implementing OpCon in thousands of environments. We can focus these cards by industry, such as financial, or by application, such as SAP.

We also provide an ROI calculator that lets you plug in automation scenarios and determine what you stand to save in terms of hours, salaries, and other business benefits.

Second: Plan the solution

At this stage we lay down a roadmap to your specific OpCon installation. We determine the highest priority automation targets and plan out how we will hit them.

Part of the process is a Systems Requirement Document, which outlines the software and server configurations that will need to be in place before launch.

We create an Implementation Guide to ensure every detail is covered and the sequencing is set. We also provide a Support Protocol, which establishes our SLAs for client support.

These measures allow our software engineers to hit the ground running when they arrive on your site, so your implementation runs as efficiently as possible.

Third: Make it happen

On day one, our experts arrive at your site to install the OpCon software. We tackle the priority targets first, building out the automated workflows by your side, with your administrator in the driver’s seat learning firsthand how it’s done.

During the first week we run the more complex workflows in a test environment, and typically push the first phase live soon after. Then we turn to the next set of targets, guiding you through the optimal way to structure workflows for your business and needs.

After your solution is up and running, we continue to help you unleash the power of the platform. We teach your admins to develop an OpCon mentality, so they can identify additional automation opportunities.

Through our Managed Automation Services, our experts also can co-manage your platform along side your administrators — working together to push your instance of OpCon to its fullest potential.

Tap into our expertise

We never stop working to find new ways to empower our clients through automation. When we explore, discover or develop something new, we’re enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with you. Here are some of the ways you can tap into this expertise.

Let us show you how OpCon can spark extreme efficiencies across your enterprise

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