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Simple Workload Automation & Orchestration for Credit Unions

Today credit union operations are expected to be more complex to meet the evolving, customer centric needs of members. In-house tech departments are challenged to keep up with the growing demands of competing resources, stretching workloads and tiring out staff.

Driving Credit Union Operations Through Simplicity

To gain true efficiency, visibility and flexibility into your tedious credit union operations, you need to think beyond traditional job scheduling tools. Reaching operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, while also mitigating risk and providing 24/7 service is difficult. Consider how your organization can benefit from a comprehensive workload automation and orchestration tool that can be deployed fast. Imagine also having the safety net of white glove support and a client-first service team.

SMA Technologies created OpCon workload automation and orchestration platform to check all those needs. 

OpCon allows credit unions to easily automate manual tasks and simply orchestrate workloads across business-critical operations. This saves time and reduces costs by eliminating manual error. Effectively manage an increasing workload with fewer resources, so you're empowered to focus time and effort on serving your members’ needs. OpCon brings enterprise power and scalability to give you a single pane of glass over your entire IT environment. This means you can easily scale automation as your business needs grow.

Revolutionizing IT Operations for Credit Unions

Going well beyond the limited function of a traditional scheduler, modern workload automation and orchestration solutions are turbocharging credit union services by streamlining manual processes and unlocking teams to focus more time on customer experience and growth initiatives. With OpCon, credit unions of all asset sizes are seeing meaningful results:

  • One OpCon client improved efficiency using scalable workflows – growing the business by over 700% while only adding one employee.
  • After implementing OpCon, Veridian Credit Union got back over 1,000 staff hours per year.
  • A financial services firm with over 10,000 employees automated 80% of its manual processing, this enabled them to free up monitoring time for five operators covering 35 separate systems.
  • With OpCon, another financial services firm with 500+ employees reduced data processing times by 25-30% and were able to reassign four to five staff to higher-level strategic initiatives.
  • Plus, Vystar Credit Union automated 95% of their failover processing with OpCon, reducing failover time by 40%.

OpCon Offers Enterprise Scalability and Power, without the Complexity

Enterprise Power & Scalability: OpCon's WLA platform gives you operational control over complex environments and allows you to easily scale automation as your credit union grows. With capabilities like frequency scheduling, master/daily scheduling and multi-instance scheduling, you have control of when, how often and in what order tasks run. This provides optimal flexibility and visibility, while reducing errors.

Fast, Easy Automation: OpCon empowers you to quickly automate workflows to cut down your IT team’s burden. Most tasks can be automated in low code, no scripting needed, to save you time and resources. And through OpCon’s Self-Service application, business stakeholders can trigger automated processes at the click of a button - no IT support necessary.

Successful Deployment Guaranteed: Rest easy knowing your success with OpCon is guaranteed, providing you with peace of mind. With SMA Technology’s extensive migration expertise and straight forward pricing – and without any hidden fees or surprise add-ons— it’s clear why we have a track record of 100% success with migrating clients to OpCon.

Credit Union Born and Bred: SMA’s dedicated team is born and bred in the credit union movement. In fact, our CEO started out as an enthusiastic OpCon client while serving as CIO of a large, innovative credit union! Our team has unmatched experience and expertise in orchestrating and integrating with the leading credit union core processing, loan origination and data warehouse systems to ensure your success. And few vendors can match our consultants’ friendliness and focus on providing you with the expert advice you need to get the job done.

Best-in-market Features and Functionality – Automation Designed for Credit Unions

OpCon delivers a broad set of advanced features that are very easy to set up and use – allowing credit unions of all sizes to easily scale automation across a wide range of complex jobs. OpCon’s unique, best-in-market features include:

  • Event-driven Commands: OpCon is able to receive events from any system, and schedules jobs based on several variables. Effectively, any system that can generate a text file is able to interact with OpCon.
  • Frequency Scheduling: Control when tasks run through rules instead of set schedules, this reduces errors and saves time maintaining calendars.
  • Master / Daily Scheduling: Maintain jobs and the frequencies they run, this provides visibility to what runs today and ahead.
  • Multi-Instance Scheduling: Re-use workflows with different parameters, saving time by eliminating the need to create new workflows each time.
  • Advanced Failure Criteria: Control the unruliest applications to create clean, simple workflows, and eliminate pesky, unexpected failures.
  • Expressions: Flexibly define the order of when tasks and processes fire. This provides superior control to meet your business needs.
  • Fast, Easy Automation, with Minimal Coding Skills Required: SMA’s Self-Service Interface was created specifically for business stakeholders to help reduce the load on IT teams. Non-IT users are able to trigger automated processes with a simple click of a button. In addition, OpCon’s low code environment means that most automation tasks can be done sans writing scripts. This makes it very easy to use, even for less experienced staff.
  • Fast, Risk-free Deployment: SMA’s experienced team gets automation up and running in weeks, not months. By employing a proven migration template and toolkit, SMA Technologies has successfully migrated hundreds of thousands of jobs. This helps provide assurances that migration from existing platforms and tools is not only fast, but also effective.

If You Do It More Than Once - You Should Automate It

A good rule of thumb: if you have to do something more than once, it should be automated.

Automating a business process is like having your most reliable employee running it every time. With OpCon’s advanced workload automation and orchestration capabilities, your IT staff has the power to set it and forget it an infinite number of times. This frees them to focus on higher-level growth initiatives for your credit union. Just as importantly, automation significantly reduces errors from manual processes - saving countless hours spent QA-ing - or worse - cleaning up.

Find out why half of credit unions with over $250 million in assets choose OpCon!

SMA Technologies' consultants are experts at automating all leading credit union cores, including Symitar Episys, Corelation KeyStone, and Fiserv DNA. We’ve got installation and migration from outdated schedulers down to a fine-tuned process and we can typically train and prepare your team for go live by the end of a two week engagement.

SMA offers no cost, unlimited basic training for the life of your contract. We know that getting a strong ROI requires earning the full confidence of your team, so we provide them with the necessary skills to not only run your core IT processes, but to expand automation to other business units – bringing even more value.

Automate Every Aspect of Credit Union Operations with OpCon

OpCon's Workload Automation and Orchestration platform is the leading tool offering flexible, scalable solutions for automation within credit unions. And its designed to support a nearly infinite number of common operational processes:

  • Manage Workflows: Unite disparate solution types such as cloud, virtualization and IoT into simple and efficient workflows.
  • Automate Business Continuity: Improve execution, reliability and testing of your business continuity processes.
  • Enhance Security: Manage users via ADS or OpenLDAP to designate role-based permissions, secure data and save all actions in audit-able trails.
  • Integrate Globally: Achieve platform and global consistency, and eliminating the need for 24/7 on call or on premise staff.
  • Scale the Business: Easily spin up new environments, clone workflows and integrate new processes to scale -- up to millions of tasks per day.
  • Simplify Auditing: Capture info across all automated systems for audits - on standard or customized reports.
  • Data Warehouse Automation: Extract and transform data to load to your data warehouse in a repeatable manner.
  • Script Lifecycle Management: Integrate schedule scripts of any language into end-to-end, cross-systems workflows.
  • Digital Infrastructure Automation: Manage cloud infrastructure cost effectively by delivering the right resources, at the right time.
  • IT Process Automation: Automate IT processes to improve operational efficiency, hedge operational risk and cut costs.
  • Business Process Automation: Accelerate digitization by automating and orchestrating critical business operations.

Ready to discover how the OpCon Workload Automation and Orchestration solution can streamline your credit union operations and empower your team?

Let our experts demonstrate how easy OpCon is to install and operate. We’re ready to answer all your questions and show you why we’re the solution of choice for credit unions.

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