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Asysco AMT

Modernized and integrated environments with OpCon and AMT Framework

OpCon and AMT Framework: True Legacy Transformation

Today, it is imperative that all systems interact efficiently with each other. In the past, IT operations were formed into silos as companies struggled to manage the different components of their businesses. Various applications and middleware were added to help bridge the gap. This increased complexity has made it difficult for IT operations to manage the ever-changing business needs of organizations large and small. This is especially true when migrating to a new platform and when modernizing legacy applications. During the migration project, often the automation of processes is overlooked or is only considered late in the project.

Automation is key in order to ensure business continuity and efficiency, infrastructure and business application. That is why Asysco and SMA Technologies have developed a technical partnership. Through the tight integration between Asysco’s Migration Technology (AMT) Framework and OpCon from SMA Technologies, we are able to offer you:

  • A true like-for-like migration, including code, data, batches, jobs/workflows, operations, security, interfaces and business process automation
  • Integration of a new AMT Framework with other environments managed from a single point-ofcontrol with OpCon
  • A target environment that delivers at least the same, if not often better level of quality and performance
  • Automated and modernized IT that enhances a company’s operational efficiencies

Combining Powerful Solutions

With this strong combination of solutions, organizations will be able to manage the various application components from a single point-of-control. Management can be sure that after migration, the AMT Framework is fully integrated with the business processes. Once integrated, it is possible to:

  • Eliminate errors due to inoperability
  • Drastically reduce the number of interfaces
  • No longer need specialists in all process areas

About the AMT Framework

The AMT Framework provides clients with a migration path to scalable, tiered, open systems architecture. Asysco is able to offer organizations a conversion process that moves legacy applications to the .NET development environment, with a (physical or virtual) Windows Server production environment supported by a modern relational database management system. Asysco’s sophisticated migration technology is the benchmark in its industry in the area of quality and maintainability. The AMT Framework has proven itself in all different sizes of systems and within every industry.

World Class Automation with OpCon

OpCon, from SMA Technologies, is a powerful solution that drives digital transformation and enables automation of everything from mundane tasks to complex and high risk processes. Using OpCon, companies can automate business and technical workflows across operations, infrastructure, cloud and virtual environments. With this easy to use solution, businesses quickly lock in knowledge and expertise, which reduces errors and enables agile IT delivery. OpCon removes the need for ‘shadow IT’, hides complexity with self-service technology and enables organizational resilience. By driving automation through the enterprise, companies will reduce their risk profile and affect a positive culture change for a more streamlined business.

About Asysco

Asysco offers proven, turnkey technology solutions and expertise for delivering high quality transformation and modernization without failure. This transformation enables organizations to reduce cost while increasing flexibility, facilitating streamlined business process integration and innovation. Asysco was founded in 1979 and has offices in Coevorden, the Netherlands and Florida, USA. Their motto, ‘Unlocking Your Legacy Value’, expresses their confidence that legacy transformation projects make a lot of sense, that risks can be well managed and that the resulting value is simply outstanding.