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Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a widely used cloud infrastructure service that provides significant functionality to businesses of all sizes. Organizations turn to Google Cloud and its Compute Engine to provide the flexible computing infrastructure, whether in one of Google’s predefined machine sizes or in a custom setup.

Businesses benefit from unique features like confidential computing, Google’s proprietary method for creating confidential VMs that remain encrypted even while processing.

Live migration for VMs and sole-tenant nodes add powerful flexibility as well.

Additionally, Google Kubernetes Engine powers Google Cloud’s containerization efforts, providing containerized solutions with premade templates for deployment. Google Cloud integration is another desirable factor: businesses already invested in other aspects of Google software and services benefit from seamless integration throughout the suite of Google’s offerings.

All that said, there are some weaknesses in Google Cloud when it comes to automation. Specifically, the automation tools in Google Cloud primarily work in Google Cloud, and most enterprises need cross-platform, multi-functional workflows that talk to multiple apps, including ones that aren’t hosted by Google. They need an automation platform that can sync all of their IT processes across their hybrid environment. In more complicated organizations, the need becomes even greater. When you have a mix of geographically dispersed on-prem servers, combined with various apps hosted on different cloud services, relying on the built-in automation of Google Cloud just doesn’t meet the needs of the IT team.

SMA Technologies has a solution that meets these needs. OpCon is a workload automation platform that automates and orchestrates IT processes not only for Google Cloud, but for every application in your IT system.

Control all your cloud-based and on-premises apps and processes from one unified OpCon control panel

The Google Compute Engine Manager is a powerful interface, but it contributes to a growing problem in enterprise IT: interface fatigue. Every system, package, cloud service and solution has its own interface, and they often don’t play nicely together. Each layer of interface is a fresh opportunity for errors and dysfunction to creep in.

OpCon cuts through the interface fatigue, eliminating the errors and slowdowns that result from interface multiplication. IT teams can control more processes from a single, unified OpCon interface— without sacrificing functionality or performance. From this single OpCon interface, your team can monitor, execute, and run resolution workflows, supercharging your automation and orchestration efforts.

OpCon fully integrates with Google Cloud, offering your team another angle on Google Cloud integration: OpCon is the solution for integrating your systems, apps and processes with Google Cloud more seamlessly than what Google offers natively.

What you can do with OpCon integrations with Google Cloud

Automate the provisioning of virtual machines

Your engineers have better things to do than manually provision virtual machines (VMs). OpCon automates this work, freeing your team to do more. This can result in cost savings of up to $500 per machine per month.

Automate the provisioning of containers

In concert with the Google Kubernetes Engine, OpCon automates container provisioning, once again freeing your staff to focus on other, higher priority tasks and initiatives. OpCon can create new Kubernetes containers and launch the appropriate instance inside that container within Google Cloud, automatically.

Scale virtual machines up or down to maximize cost efficiency

The speed at which virtual machines can be initialized or killed off is the most important reason businesses use them. This speed only increases when relying on Google Cloud, as does your scalability. With VMs running in Google Cloud, your processing power is nearly unlimited.

Google Cloud operates at a scale that allows them to run these VMs at a fraction of what it would cost most organizations to run them on site. Your business will likely save significantly by relying on Google as a cloud partner.

Run SQL Server

Whatever aspects of your business rely on SQL Server, OpCon can operate them in an SQL Server environment in Google Cloud.

Run SAP apps

OpCon can control SAP apps running in Google Cloud—no need for additional interfaces.