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Infor M3

Supports execution and monitoring of tasks within the Infor M3 environment. Also interacts with Infor M3 to assist with job definitions.

Taking Control of Infor M3 Processing

Business engines such as Infor’s M3 ERP suite are highly sophisticated and demanding computing environments. To operate these complex environments correctly, a host of servers, applications, connections and dataflows all need to be working in perfect harmony. This cooperation must extend from executives and finance, out to logistics, SOP, warehousing and distribution, including suppliers and partners. A single component not running might cause delays in printing invoices, receiving goods or processing orders with potentially serious financial consequences.

Enterprise-Wide Automation

OpCon, from SMA Technologies operates in dozens of complex ERP environments, simplifying IT tasks, automating tasks and orchestrating services. OpCon is a powerful workload automation tool that drives digital transformation and allows you to automate everything from mundane tasks to complex and high-risk processes. Using OpCon, you can automate business and technical workflows across operations, infrastructure, cloud and virtual environments. With this easy to use solution, you quickly lock in knowledge and expertise, which reduces errors and enables agile IT delivery.

Accessible Business Automation (Self Service)

The OpCon Self Service module makes automation available through the click of a button in a responsive, intuitive web browser interface. From executives to customer service and finance, anyone in the business can trigger automation from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Self Service can rapidly deliver access to Infor reports or business processes where they are needed. Reduce the need for manual operations by deploying automated solutions like on-boarding new Infor users, managing training environments and other common repetitive tasks.

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Process Automation and Service Orchestration

Seamlessly integrate workflows across Windows Server, IBM i, AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Solaris and more. Build powerful job dependencies that ensure maximum throughput while protecting critical tasks, and embed knowledge for rapid automated recovery.

M3 Automation Examples

  • Ensure interactive environments are always ready on time
  • Fully automate failover of M3 environment on all servers
  • Streamline onboarding of new personnel
  • Securely transfer files and trigger EDI processing
  • Monitor and ensure application servers are active (e.g., HTTP, WAS, MOM, MEC, etc.)
  • Recover critical application servers following an error
  • Easily rerun jobs with different parameters
  • Automate expert knowledge such as recovery, and trigger workflows on demand
  • Hold jobs to partially test workflows, including Disaster Recovery
  • Provision virtual servers on demand
  • Automate regular tasks such as Company Copy, Backups, Snapshots
  • Orchestrate DevOps tools for continuous delivery testing/deployment

Infor M3 Monitoring and Recovery Workflows

  • MQ Queues, Channels and listeners
  • Subsystems
  • Application server jobs (e.g., MMS910, MWS910, MMS189, COS900)
  • Performance (CPU usage, throughput and memory)
  • Monitor ION GRID directly via Restful API’s