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Emerald Software and SMA Technologies: Sales and marketing partnership for OpCon

Emerald Software GmbH, software and consulting company for mid-range and large-scale enterprises, has extended its portfolio by including OpCon from SMA Technologies. The established cross-platform scheduling solution allows for an easy end-to-end automation of enterprise-wide IT processes with a single point of control. OpCon automation saves time, reduces operating costs and helps eliminate human errors.

As the number of daily jobs, tasks, and processes in the IT department increase, the workforce can stay the same or decrease. Requirements for reporting, auditing and compliance of executed IT processes are met. Potential sources of error through manual intervention in business-critical processes are minimized. Job automation functions are all cross-platform.

These reasons and many more call for enterprise-wide IT automation with OpCon from SMA Technologies.

The new partnership between Emerald Software and SMA Technologies will bring the advantages of OpCon to more and more companies in the market.

Emerald Software GmbH

Emerald Software is an independent software and consulting company, founded 1977 in Switzerland.

The headquarters in Augsburg Germany manages all sales and support activities for its midrange and large-scale enterprise clients in Central Europe and the Benelux Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

Core competencies:

• Software for the management and operation of data centers (Mainframe, Open Systems and cross-platform)
• Easy end-to-end automation of enterprise-wide IT-processes with a single point of control (cross-platform-scheduling)
• Enterprise-wide monitoring and alerting for IT, production processes and environmental issues
• Data Management including Big Data Processing, Data Transformation and Migration, automated Test Data Generation and Data-Centric Protection

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