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Looking ahead to a bigger 2018

2018 will be an exciting year for SMA Technologies. Many things are changing, thanks to growth in our client base and our new team members. As SMA changes, it will open new doors and opportunities for our team. Today, I was given an opportunity to have a bigger influence within SMA Technologies. I was named President by Michael W. Taylor, the majority owner and CEO of the company

In 2011, the year before I joined SMA, we had just under $13 million in revenue. 2017 revenues will be approximately $23 million, a 77% increase. Looking to the future, SMA is at an inflection point in the evolution of the business. It’s time to take the business over the $25 million hurdle. I’m very humbled and honored that Michael has put his trust in me and the rest of the SMA team to make it happen.

As we move into this next phase of SMA’s evolution, there will be some big changes at SMA. We must step up our game and be prepared to tackle problems we have never experienced before. However, I would like to express a deep commitment to our employees and clients that no matter what hurdle we face, our number one priority is to ensure we put our clients first and maintain the high level of personal service and attention to our clients that they have come to expect of SMA. Our clients put a deep trust in SMA to run all of their critical environments. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We are not just a vendor; we are a partner committed to helping our clients manage their complicated IT environments in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

In preparation for this transition, I’m happy to announce that we have already made some huge changes at the executive level. In early December, Maarten-Jan Waasdorp joined SMA as Chief Financial Officer and Brandon Taylor will join SMA as Chief Revenue Officer in early February.

On a personal note, I am making a commitment today to communicate more on social media. Social media, and LinkedIn in particular, has become an important vehicle for communication and transparency. By engaging with our clients, our team and our partners about what is happening in the business, I’m hoping to encourage the rest of the SMA team to join in on the conversation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we run down this new path together.

Take care,

- Todd