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  • OpCon STS release 20.03 now live

New REST API feature lets you modify job dependencies as part of the daily jobs endpoint.

OpCon 20.03 also brings several important fixes for Enterprise Manager and ImpEx2 Web Service

Full OpCon 20.03 STS release notes

Version 20.3.0

2021 April

Enterprise Manager

Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15008: Fixed an issue that prevented creating or opening a job using the Corelation sub-type when using Global Properties.


Black text on blue backgroundOPCON-14789: Added the ability to modify job dependencies as part of the daily jobs endpoint. Added an endpoint to update an individual job dependencies.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15011: Fixed an issue where Self Service would display a "Cannot load Service Request Executions" error for several days after upgrading to OpCon 20 or higher.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-14843: Fixed an issue where the user's role was removed and the password was changed after attempting to retrieve a token.


Black text on green backgroundOPCON-14929: Fixed an issue in Netcom where under heavy communication load with agents, if a message acknowledgement is lost or delayed, Netcom created a bad 'resend' message, which caused issues on the agent side in the tracking file.

ImpEx2 Web Service

Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15049: Fixed an issue in ImpEx2 where blank batch users were "missing" in simulations.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15030: Fixed an issue in ImpEx2 where obsolete job dependencies in an existing schedule on target system were not getting removed.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15023: Fixed an issue that allows Deploy to correctly prefix a schedule with the environment code in events.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15010: Fixed an issue where scheduling options of the frequencies were not updated correctly if there was changes to them in the schedule that was deployed.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15001: Fixed an issue where deploying a schedule with no documentation would not remove any existing documentation.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-15000: Fixed an issue in ImpEx2 service where checking available machine features sometimes resulted in a null pointer exception.
Black text on green backgroundOPCON-14839: Fixed an issue in ImpEx2 to prevent unexpected data loss when job threshold/resource dependencies or events were modified in the schedule that was deployed.