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SMA Technologies announces release of OpCon version 20

HOUSTON, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SMA Technologies, Inc, a leading provider of workload automation software, announced today the release of OpCon version 20.

“With OpCon 20, SMA Technologies continues to drive innovation with new features and a better user experience for clients who rely on OpCon workload automation to power their most critical business processes.” - Todd Dauchy, CEO, SMA Technologies

OpCon 20 follows on the success of OpCon 19.1, iterating on some of the major features such as containerization, and adding new options for clients.

SMA Technologies will now do a yearly major release cycle with two new support and upgrade options for clients. All future releases will be supported for a term of three years.

The Long-term Support (LTS) option provides clients with an opportunity to upgrade to a new version of OpCon following the yearly release cycle, with small maintenance releases expected approximately every six weeks. The Short-term Support (STS) option will feature iterative releases on the same six-week schedule as the maintenance releases. The key differentiator is that the STS releases will include new features and product enhancements as soon as they’re ready, rather than requiring clients to wait for the yearly release.

The OpCon Deploy module, used by medium to large enterprises to assist with change management, version control, and other scalable software deployments, is now available in a containerized image.

Online self-guided training and centralized product documentation is now conveniently available in the same place as their Help site.

20 introduces the OpCon Web Installer (OWI). This new tool is available through SMA’s Innovation Lab. This tool simplifies the process of managing installation of new versions of OpCon, ensuring that all elements are installed in the required order for a successful implementation or upgrade.

Solution Manager has new features as well. Pop-up windows instead of full-page refreshes are now used to speed up the interface. User-defined features are saved in the URL to make it easy to bookmark or share a preferred view.

About SMA Technologies:

SMA Technologies brings you OpCon, a robust, flexible workload automation platform. OpCon is a flexible solution for many industries, with native capability to orchestrate and monitor hybrid, cloud, and containerized IT environments. Please visit to learn more about OpCon.

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