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Become an OpCon Certified Professional (OCP)

Get officially certified as an expert in the leading workload automation platform. (OpCon certification is currently available to US clients only. If you're outside the US and interested in certification, please contact [email protected])

Invest in your organization and yourself

SMA Technologies encourages all users to become OpCon Certified Professionals (OCP). With OCP certification you'll not only add value to your organization, you'll also differentiate yourself professionally by demonstrating expertise in the high-demand skill of automation.

Three simple steps to OpCon certification

Obtaining OCP status is the best way to accelerate your journey to automation expertise. Here are the three steps to achieving certification:

1. Attend an OpCon training class

2. Acquire at least 6 months' experience with OpCon

3. Pass the online exam with at least a 90%

Taking the exam

When you take the exam, you’ll be allowed to reference the OpCon Help and OpCon user interfaces. This exam will test your knowledge and ability to solve common automation challenges with OpCon. These types of exams are known as open-book, but they will require thought and some research. You will be presented with thirty mostly multiple-choice questions and you will need to achieve a score of at least a 90% to pass. Be prepared!

Maintaining your certification

Certification is maintained by attending OpCon release webinars and ensuring that your company stays on a supported release. Re-certification will only be required when there are significant changes to the product.


Benefits of becoming an OpCon Certified Professional

  • OCP certification stays with you even if you move to a different company
  • Demonstrates commitment to excellence and adds a skill to your resume
  • Certifications help you stand out to existing or new employers
  • Expands your horizons and enables you to build better and more creative solutions
  • Puts you into a network of like-minded OpCon Certified Professionals