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Upcom­ing roundtables

16 Jul

Roundtable: Reinvent your OpCon automation reports

Jul 16

Did you know you can customize and run over 100 OpCon reports from Powershell?

We will cover the following topics:

• How to run and schedule reports faster
• Convert existing OpCon reports to raw SQL queries
• Run multiple reports with one job

Register for our roundtable and learn how this capability can be customized to fit your business needs. See you there!

06 Aug

Roundtable: Introduction to OpCon Deploy

Aug 6

Ever made a change in OpCon and then wish there was an undo button? OpCon Deploy has a roll back feature that achieves this. Join our roundtable and learn how Deploy is true change management for OpCon.

Our presentation will highlight the following:
• Manage workflow changes with versioning
• Move schedules between OpCon environments
• Avoid changes in production environments to help reduce errors
• Use transformation rules to change machine names, job details, and more

Register today!

20 Aug

Roundtable: Deep dive with OpCon Self Service

Aug 20

Looking to utilize OpCon Self Service more? This roundtable will go over some advanced and outside the box use cases.

Our presentation will cover the following:

• Updating Self Service drop downs using the OpCon API
• Active Directory unlock and reset
• Automate visitor sign in sheets
• Manage Cloud servers

See you there!

03 Sep

Roundtable: Three ways to extend your collaboration hub with OpCon

Sep 3

Are you tired of jumping between e-mail and Solution Manager? Did you know you can get OpCon notifications on your collaboration platform (Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc)? Join us on September 3rd to learn how to get started!

In this roundtable you will learn how to:

• Update OpCon job statuses
• Receive OpCon alerts
• Approval requests

Get registered and we will see you there!

17 Sep

Roundtable: How to manage SLAs and cross-environment workflows with OpCon Vision

Sep 17

Did you know that you can manage SLAs and cross-environment workflows with OpCon Vision? Join us for a 30-minute roundtable to learn the following:

• SLA Management
• Cross-environment visibility and events
• Real-time process dashboard

We will also open the floor for an open discussion. See you there!

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