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Fiserv XP2 package

Automate now to ease your upcoming core migration. Over half of credit unions with $200M+ in assets use OpCon. Build your automation on a platform that supports all major cores so you’re ready for what’s next.

Many credit unions have long relied on Fiserv XP2 for their core processing needs. Fiserv also offers more modern solutions like its DNA platform, and SMA plans to support both for as long as it's viable to do so. We won't leave you hanging.

If you’re a credit union still using Fiserv XP2, you might already be planning an upcoming core migration. If not, it's still a good time to have conversations with your team to determine which parts of your IT system you'd like to automate next.

Whatever your plans regarding your usage of Fiserv XP2, you can get the most out of your current and future core platforms by adding a modern workload automation tool now. By choosing OpCon, an industry-leading automation suite that supports and integrates with all the major cores, the automation you build today will continue to serve you after your upcoming core migration.

ACH processing: an incomplete solution

ACH processing, when it was new, was a huge leap forward compared to previous methods of account reconciliation. But it suffers from some significant limitations. Credit unions that haven’t implemented any third-party automation tools continue to deal with these limitations regularly.

Because ACH processing (without modern automation tools) relies on batch processing controlled by a job scheduler, the whole system is at the mercy of the job scheduler. And the technology underlying the job scheduler itself is ancient: it hasn’t changed much in the last 20 to 30 years.

The biggest flaw in this job scheduler approach is that it can’t handle exceptions or errors well at all. Just about any error will cause an exception that shuts down the whole process, and ACH processing can’t resume until a human finds and fixes the problem.

This is the reason that many credit unions must maintain an after-hours employee or that someone could get called in at any point throughout the night to problem-solve. It’s a headache, and for a process that’s supposed to be automated (that’s the A in ACH, after all), it requires far too much manual human intervention.

ACH processing was already a frustration for the many credit unions not yet using workload automation tools. But recently, regulations changed so that now credit unions must run this process at least twice a day, doubling the potential for headaches and errors.

It was past time for an automation solution that could solve the ACH processing headaches credit unions experience. That’s where OpCon comes in.

OpCon is a modern workload automation solution that integrates with all major cores

OpCon is a modern, event-based workload automation suite that relieves the frustrations surrounding ACH processing. Credit unions planning a transition away from Fiserv XP2 gain a particular benefit, as well: OpCon integrates well with your current core processor, and it also supports and integrates with all other major core processors, including Fiserv DNA, Corelation KeyStone, and Symitar Episys.

With a workload automation solution like OpCon, an error in the job scheduler no longer stops the entire ACH process. OpCon can emulate human interventions, running workflows based on real-world past human interventions and automatically resuming or restarting the job.

OpCon gets smarter over time, too, because future manual interventions can be turned into new workflows. As OpCon encounters errors, it works to identify the type and run the appropriate workflow. Because the system is event-based, you can build in triggers that cause these workflows to run automatically, reducing human interventions by as much as 90%.

Trust the market leader in credit union automation

OpCon is uniquely situated to support your credit union through your upcoming core migration. But beyond that, it’s the trusted market leader in credit union automation. Over 50% of large credit unions are already using OpCon, and these are some of the results they have achieved.

  • OpCon reduces ACH processing time from multiple hours to as short as 15 minutes for many clients.
  • OpCon eliminates around 90% of human errors, on average.
  • OpCon improves your team’s quality of life by solving errors automatically and eliminating the need for nighttime or on-call technical staff.

Whatever your core migration plans look like, OpCon can help to ease the transition. Questions? Reach out today!