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Automate the creation of Linux and Windows virtual machines in AWS to reduce costs

Many businesses today turn to AWS EC2 for their cloud infrastructure needs. This popular, highly functional service from Amazon offers businesses flexibility, scalability, and stability that would be nearly impossible to replicate independently. AWS is a powerful service platform, but it can easily grow unwieldy and challenging to manage, especially for enterprise customers with complex and multifaceted systems of their own. The integrations with the rest of a company’s IT environment can become frustratingly time-consuming. Additionally, Amazon doesn’t offer much in the way of automation or orchestration tools. As a result, enterprise clients are searching for a solution for automating and orchestrating many aspects of their AWS environment, including the creation of Linux and Windows virtual machines within AWS. OpCon from SMA Technologies is the automation solution your business needs to automate and orchestrate your AWS-hosted processes.

OpCon gives you control of all your cloud-based AWS and on-premises apps and processes from one control panel

An additional frustration for many enterprise businesses is “interface fatigue.” Every additional system has its own interface, and each new interface is another opportunity for configuration errors and missed alerts.

Through the power of orchestration, OpCon greatly reduces interface clutter and fatigue by bringing all processes and apps (both on premises and cloud-based) together into a single OpCon interface. With OpCon, you won’t need to regularly use the AWS management console at all.

In addition to AWS integration, OpCon also boasts integration with all other major cloud infrastructure players, including Microsoft Azure. OpCon also has a wide variety of legacy connectors, a robust REST API, and connectors to popular ERP and ITSM systems like SAP, ServiceNow, and Infor. It’s a complete automation and orchestration solution.

OpCon integration with AWS: What you can do

Automate the provisioning of virtual machines

Your engineers have better things to do than manually provisioning Windows and Linux virtual machines. Free up your staff for more important work by automating the provisioning of VMs with OpCon.

Automate the provisioning of containers

Along the same lines, by automating the provision of containers with OpCon, you’ll empower your staff to avoid the monotonous work of creating each AWS EC2 instance one at a time. OpCon gives you the power to automate the creation of each AWS EC2 instance and to automatically launch the relevant application or service within those containers.

Scale virtual machines up or down to maximize cost efficiency

One of the best facets of using virtual machines is the ease with which they can be taken on or offline. When your virtual machines are running in AWS, you gain near infinite scalability. No matter how large your business grows, you’re not likely to outgrow Amazon’s server and processing capacity.

Because Amazon is operating at a much broader scale, AWS offers highly competitive pricing on VMs, especially compared to the cost of running a real machine on your premises.

To put this in perspective, for every single virtual machine we run in AWS, we save several hundred dollars per month over the costs of doing it ourselves. Those are impressive results!

Run SQL Server

Many businesses use SQL Server for business intelligence operations, analytics operations, transaction processing, or a wide range of other uses. OpCon can run an SQL Server environment in AWS, eliminating the need to integrate SQL Server directly with the AWS management console.

Run SAP apps

Businesses relying on SAP apps to power portions of their operations can easily integrate and automate those apps directly from OpCon.

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