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Automate the creation of Linux and Windows virtual machines in Azure to reduce costs

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing service with a focus on building, managing, and deploying applications powered by Microsoft’s global network of data centers. Companies the world over use this popular and highly functional cloud infrastructure service to power all sorts of applications and environments in Azure virtual machines. Azure has a weakness, however: the Azure interface itself. It’s not particularly bad as far as interfaces go. Still, it’s yet another interface in a long sequence of interfaces your team has to deal with in planning, executing, and monitoring their IT ops processes. Azure automation also leaves a lot to be desired. Most firms working with Azure turn to a third party for this functionality. OpCon from SMA Technologies is the automation solution your business needs to automate and orchestrate your Azure-hosted processes.

OpCon gives you control of all your cloud-based and on-premises apps and processes from one control panel

One of the weaknesses in cloud automation is the multiplication of interfaces. Every app and service has its own interface, and so do the virtual machines that run them and the cloud services that power it all. All these interfaces lead to interface clutter, creating both errors and missed alerts.

With OpCon, IT teams can control more IT processes from a single interface, significantly reducing interface clutter. Having one singular interface that allows IT teams to monitor, execute, and run resolution workflows when issues arise is a powerful and efficient approach to automation and orchestration.

Because OpCon automates the creation of both Linux and Windows virtual machines within Azure, it’s an ideal solution, allowing your team to consolidate interfaces. OpCon can automatically orchestrate your Azure-hosted processes so they can be run from a single command interface.

With OpCon, you can connect your Azure container instances, your Linux and Windows virtual machines, and any third-party application to the rest of your IT environment. As an added bonus, OpCon maintains a wide variety of legacy connectors as well as connectors to popular ERP and ITSM systems like SAP, ServiceNow, and Infor, as well as a robust REST API.

What you can do with OpCon and Azure

Automate the provisioning of virtual machines

Save your engineers from time-consuming and boring work provisioning virtual machines. OpCon automates this provisioning so your team can focus on higher-level tasks.

Automate the provisioning of containers

Similarly, allow your staff to avoid the monotony of container provisioning by using OpCon to automate the creation of new Azure container instances and to launch the relevant application or service within those containers.

Scale virtual machines up or down to maximize cost efficiency

One of the most attractive features of using virtual machines is the speed at which they can be spun up and spun down. When your virtual machines are running in Azure, your scalability enhances even further. Your needs will never exceed Microsoft’s processing power.

And due to the economy of scale, Microsoft can power your virtual machines at a fraction of the cost you’d incur to run them on your own servers. Azure VM pricing is impressively low.

To put this in perspective, we save over $500 per month for each virtual machine we have running in Azure. Your results may vary, but they will likely be impressive.

Run SQL Server

If your business is using SQL Server for business intelligence operations, analytics operations, transaction processing, or any other use, OpCon can run an SQL Server environment in Azure.

Run SAP apps

Does your business rely on SAP apps to make work happen? With OpCon, you can control your SAP apps running within Azure, again from a solitary OpCon interface.

Reach out to learn more

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