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Elim­i­nate Man­u­al Processing

When it comes to FICS® processing, most institutions must manually process mortgage applications. The manual effort required for this time-consuming task forces users to run their processing too early, much later into the evening or move it to the next day. This causes the information to fall out of sync with their core system creating confusion for customers. As an institution grows larger, the customer satisfaction can suffer.

Eliminate Manual Processing

SMA Technologies partnered with FICS to develop a comprehensive integration between FICS and OpCon. The integration relies on the FICS APIs, which currently support Mortgage Servicer and Mortgage Accountant. This connection is dynamic and ensures that as FICS expands their API offerings, the OpCon integration will be able to handle those new applications (e.g., Commercial Servicer). OpCon not only runs FICS processing seamlessly, but it completely automates all aspects of processing as well. It can generate PDF output, output data for consumption by other systems and dynamically supply run-time parameters to programs. Not only that, OpCon supports the creation of process, date, resource, variable and other dependencies to ensure FICS programs run exactly when and how they should.

OpCon and FICS Integration Features

  • Connects FICS processing to other applications
  • Built on the FICS web service API
  • Dynamically integrates new FICS offerings
  • Password encryption tools included
  • Template editor included simplyfying the creation of web service requests
  • OpCon variables to pass data applications
  • OpCon’s advanced date calculations enhance automation

Using FICS Applications with OpCon is as easy as 1-2-3

Setting up an FICS OpCon job couldn’t be easier. First, pick the FICS program. Second, edit the method parameters. Finally, add the method to the OpCon job.

End-to-End Automa­tion

SMA Technologies has the best solution among the few automation tools available for FICS processing. OpCon provides connectivity between FICS processing and all other processes OpCon automates, including core systems, file servers, FTP processes and ERPs. OpCon gives businesses the tools to run their processing as a true “lights out” operation, saving the institution time and money. Automation of FICS with the core processing system provides close to real-time account updates, resulting in better overall customer satisfaction. Having the ability to automate FICS processing also gives the mortgage specialists more time to serve customers. Eliminating the repetitive mundane tasks allows them to provide customers with updated information faster and they no longer have to stay after hours. Not only does the business save money and run more smoothly, but customer satisfaction will increase.

Business Value

  • Automate End of Day
  • Schedule FICS reports
  • Achieve end-to-end automation
  • Improve customer satisfaction