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OpCon and IBM z/VSE

Advanced Automation for IBM z/VSE

Advanced Automation for IBM z/VSE

Beyond the cross-platform centralized solution, the power of OpCon is extended into each of the operating systems it manages by utilizing automation tools that are adapted to the unique capabilities of each environment. The installation and configuration of agent software on each platform enable OpCon to manage even advanced functions of many different operating systems from a single, universal graphical user interface. OpCon is able to manage even the most complex IT environments from a single point-ofcontrol.

Web Enabled U/I

Manage and monitor z/VSE processes with OpCon consoles or web-enabled user interfaces.

Cross Machine Support

Construct any number of cross-machine dependencies between z/VSE processes and other operating systems.

Design z/VSE Workflows Quickly

Build z/VSE workflows quickly with OpCon Workflow Designer. View and manage z/VSE processes via PERT, Gantt, Matrix, Bar and Pie charts.

Agent Features

  • OpCon’s JORS (Job Output Retrieval System) support for z/VSE job output
  • Simple console messaging triggering
  • Global variables
  • OpCon event command
  • Comprehensive z/VSE reporting
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JCL Facility

Variable substitutions and conditional JCL along with JCL inclusions are supported as well.

Command Line Interface

OpCon allows the z/VSE platform to issue console commands or deliver input to any active or waiting program. This allows users to schedule system tasks across the environment.

Graphical View of z/VSE Forecast

Harness the power of OpCon calendar/forecast features for z/VSE processing.

MSGIN/External Event Generation

Through integration with z/VSE jobs (scheduled or unscheduled by OpCon), send OpCon events to the SAM. OpCon provides powerful integration with existing and new z/VSE jobs. Full support of all 40+ OpCon events and a suite of other OpCon