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What key features are must haves for modern automation platforms?

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Reduce Infor script­ing by 87%

The previously mentioned European luxury retail brand solves vexing challenges by implementing workload automation to significantly reduce the number of workhours required to make changes to Infor jobs. As a retail brand, they face significant seasonal fluctuations in their manufacturing, materials management, and logistics operations, and adjusting Infor jobs used to be a complex process that created a lot of stress, particularly during the busy winter holiday season.

Welcome automation. Our team was able to integrate Opcon to automate most of these processes, significantly reducing their scripting time. Their development team is now able to work on higher value initiatives, and their IT operations team is finding it much easier to manage and monitor their IT environment thanks to the consolidation of interfaces from seventy to one.

“With OpCon I can change my automation process to meet peak management (in case of Sales, peak period is Christmas,…) without impacting my IT processes”

Save time by automating simplicity into your Infor environment

Bijoux GL SAS, the largest jewelry manufacturer in Europe, was experiencing challenges monitoring and managing their multi-platform IT operation. Dependencies between Infor M3 third party applications created complexity and editing Infor jobs was painfully inefficient

OpCon again was able to simplify their environment by installing a central point of control to orchestrate their IT environment with workload automation.

“Our entire IT Operation’s plan operates flawlessly. Now, we are sure that our jobs process correctly. We saved a lot of time and productivity.”

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Proven Infor migra­tion success

Haulotte, the third largest manufacturer of hydraulic lift equipment globally, needed to migrate 47 subsidiaries and 300 windows servers to a new process automation platform to orchestrate their Infor M3 environment. They had strict time constraints and chose OpCon due to our proven migration success. The migration took 15 days of training and only 2 months of implementation to go fully live.

“OpCon gives us real visibility in the entire IT environment, in our tasks, and their functioning. OpCon provides us the capability to control the impact of changes in a user-friendly way.”

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Move on-prem Infor work­load to the cloud

Companies increasingly seek the flexibility of cloud operations. We have successfully assisted clients with running critical batch processing on Infor Cloud. OpCon is natively designed to be platform and script agnostic, and this flexibility has lent itself well to integrating not only with Infor Cloud, but with AWS, Google Cloud, and MS Azure.

If your organization is interested in going even further and implementing a contained-based infrastructure for your Infor applications, we have full Docker integration with OpCon.

Our goal with OpCon is to offer a workload automation platform that works on-prem, in the cloud, in containers, and any combination of those three that your organization needs. Cross-platform and cross-environment workflow capability is baked into OpCon right out of the box.

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