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Simplify and automate your SAP environment

From sophisticated and intricate retail distribution networks to major medical research hospitals, OpCon automation makes your SAP environment more capable. Whether your system is centralized and condensed or dispersed across geographic and cloud locations, OpCon can introduce simplicity into the management of SAP environments.

Why did a huge enterprise need an automation orchestration platform for their SAP environment?

"We automated all our SAP processes with OpCon; our cash-flow is now optimally managed. We integrated 60 subsidiaries without any increase in our workforce."

"Thanks to OpCon, Finance can now access cash information three hours earlier."

Pomona Group is a French distribution company that delivers food and non-food commodities to professionals and local businesses. With 150 locations within France, almost 9,000 employees and 800 servers among multiple subsidiaries, their environment is a textbook case of retail and logistics complexity.

Initially, they managed the SAP instances for their subsidiaries separately, which proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. As their needs grew, they hunted for an automation solution that could monitor and orchestrate their existing and future SAP environments from a single point of control.

Pomona's IT leaders included requirements for an automation platform that played well with a variety of legacy and modern IT systems. The solution needed a simple interface that users from different departments and subsidiaries could access, minimizing training time and ensuring all IT operators were on the same page.

After consulting with another company running a similarly complex SAP environment, Pomona chose their automation platform and began working on implementation. In less than three months they had their first applications in production and their team was ready to begin scaling the solution. They are currently orchestrating all their SAP instances and applications through OpCon.

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What is the ROI of SAP process automation?

SAP offers exceptional solutions for its clients. It is not a system orchestrator, however. SAP doesn't always have intuitive and easy to use processes for talking to other 3rd party applications. For example, Pomona's finance and accounting team needed information from multiple sources and servers. Existing processes were inefficient. By having a process automation platform orchestrate the file transfers and necessary data requests, the financial team reduced reporting time by three hours per day, a significant boost in productivity.

Implementing a robust system orchestration automation platform helps IT departments maximize their SAP investment. Let SAP do what it excels at: run individual applications that provide high value and address specific business needs. A complementary automation platform can significantly simplify maintenance and reboots, as well as synchronize end-to-end applications flows.

An automation orchestrator can optimize and streamline job management within SAP. When an organization needs to implement new applications, flexibility and responsiveness are critical. With OpCon, users have frequency options that facilitate adjusting the time delay between two cyclical jobs. The flexibility provided by this means that SAP jobs can absorb delays without having to modify the operating plan. When a job fails or gets delayed, it does not break the schedule; it keeps moving and executes the non-dependent tasks in the workflow. Operators can set triggers, so that failed or delayed jobs restart automatically, and the automation workflows keep working, day and night, with little manual intervention required.

How DevOps and SAP benefit from an automation orchestration platform

For clients who have in-house development teams working on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, software automation and orchestration platforms are an excellent addition to the DevOps toolkit. When devs implement new applications, they can build in the automated workflows that power the app when rolled out into the operational environment. Change management and version control ensure that whenever an application is updated, the workflows that help it function in the live system are also updated. A significant benefit is a reduction in testing time and preventing accidental breakages that can be substantial emotional events for I&O managers.

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