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IT teams are faster, more efficient, and less stressed with OpCon automation
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Vir­tu­al Envi­ron­ment Ecosystems

Providing high levels of availability across the business can be challenging in IT operations that have numerous virtual machines. Automated and flexible IT operations support the business by accelerating delivery. With OpCon, servers can be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned whenever they are needed. This will not only reduce cost, but will increase the IT department’s agility and enhance operational efficiencies.

Agility and Flexibility in Virtual Environments

Virtual environments require multiple administrative tasks. Business productivity is often impacted when the IT department must perform these manually. Because the entire organization is dependent on various applications and the virtual machines on which they run, coordination between IT and other business units is essential. For example, if IT wants to reboot a server, it needs to ensure the other business units do not currently require the hosted applications.

Managing virtual environments from a single pointof- control with OpCon not only provides the agility to support the business, it can also reduce overall costs. Companies can save money simply by automatically stopping or pausing cloud servers that are not required at night.

VMware Integration

SMA Technologies has integrated OpCon with VMware. This integration makes it possible to manage the virtual environment to provide maximum flexibility and availability across the entire enterprise. With a user-friendly interface, OpCon provides end-to-end automation that maximizes operational efficiencies.

Supporting a Culture of DevOps

A fully automated infrastructure environment with OpCon supports a DevOps culture. Testing new development efforts on virtualized systems helps ensure a speedier delivery. Test servers can automatically be provisioned and then reverted to snapshots when development still needs attention.

Vir­tu­al­iz­ing Machines Using Self Service

Starting and stopping virtual machines can be a timeconsuming task for both end-users and IT. Waiting for someone within IT to manually respond to user requests is not efficient. Combining OpCon’s Self Service with the VMware integration provides a simple, automated mechanism for users to start and stop their own virtual machines. This provides end-users with direct access to the server they require and frees up IT so they can remain focused on larger business objectives.

VMware Integration Features

  • Automate power operations
  • Automatically take snapshots
  • Automate backup, reconfigure and delete
  • Automatically provision and de-provision servers
  • Automatically test new development efforts and revert to snapshot if required