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9 to 5 – How to regain time by automating Fiserv DNA processes

“The time-saving and work-life balance it brings is incredibly valuable. Without this tool, we’d have to increase staffing significantly in this area.” – Molly Schmidt, VP of Information Technology

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Mar 25th, 2021

Turning manual jobs into automated workflows can reduce the time required to complete a task by 50% or more, and it can run when no one is in the office.

No one likes staying late (or coming in early) to initiate and monitor processing tasks, but it has to get done, right? Of course it does…but it doesn’t have to involve a human interacting with a keyboard to make it happen. A modern workload automation platform can do it instead, eliminating the drudgery of repetitive daily tasks and freeing up IT personnel to focus on higher level initiatives.

“We didn’t want hands on keyboards and eyes on monitors all night long.” Dustin Montoya, OTS Director of Development

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You're not alone - common issues DNA users face

Here’s an example of a common situation our clients face: someone in IT has to wait for notifications from each branch letting them know operations for the day are complete, and then get the file from that branch before they can process the nightly batch. Rather than have this employee staying until 8:00pm every evening, a better way is to set up self-service automation buttons so each branch can notify the automation platform that they’re done for the day and send any necessary files over. Once every branch has reported in, the automation platform will automatically run the end of day processing and nightly batch and notify the operators that it’s complete while they’re enjoying dinner with their families.

But wait, what about ACH exceptions handling from the accounting team? That’s another self-service button. When the ACH process gets to the part where exceptions need to be handled, it sends a notification to the accounting team. They handle the exceptions and then use self-service to send the file back and the schedule keeps running through the next steps in the process until it’s complete. No IT intervention needed.

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Fiserv DNA process automation – how to convert DNA templates to workflows

Fiserv DNA uses templates with parameters defined by users, rather than the command line inputs that their older XP2 system used, which you might also be familiar with. They’re still batch jobs, but DNA organizes them a bit differently so they can be broken out more granularly, depending on the user’s needs. Overall it’s a big improvement on the interface, requiring far less clicks and manual keyboard entries.

But…it still requires users to click on templates to run the various pieces of their ACH processing. Someone still needs to be behind the computer to initiate the processing, and that’s what we can help you change. Rather than babysitting the ACH processing, wouldn’t you much rather be doing something more interesting like automating file transfers and branch operations workflows?

To automate Fiserv DNA, SMA Technologies built a conversion tool that lets users export templates from DNA into OpCon, our workload automation platform. This has two primary benefits:

  • Reduces the time it takes to move your DNA jobs/templates into the OpCon environment.
  • Ensures the current processes can be copied over without errors.

How long does it take to install and implement OpCon in a Fiserv DNA environment?

Our install team operates on a two-week engagement cycle. Here’s how it breaks down.

Week 1

  • Day 1-5 - Train operators to familiarize them with OpCon and the DNA agent.
  • Day 1-2 – Install OpCon and pull the nightly batch templates into OpCon.
  • Day 3-5 – Build workflows to automate the other templates and processes, including ACH.

Week 2

  • Fine-tune frequencies and test everything.
  • Continue training IT team on the functionality of OpCon’s DNA connector and workflow builder.
  • Push everything live.

Seems fast, because it is. Our consultants are very experienced, and OpCon keeps the same groupings that you’ve already set up in DNA, so operators don’t have to relearn any of the processes that they’re already familiar with.

We know that IT teams have limited resources, and time is in short supply.

SMA Technologies wants to give it back to you. By automating manual processes your teams are freed to accelerate the timeline on other modernization initiatives without having to mentally juggle an excessive number of daily processes. Let OpCon handle the routine stuff and let your team work on the fun stuff that will help your IT team drive business ROI for the organization.

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