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OpCon 19.0 is here—Come learn what’s new

OpCon 19.0 features a sleek new design to complement continued improvements to our workload automation platform

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Jul 18th, 2019

No, your eyes did not fool you—we’ve updated our design. And just in time, too! Our new look neatly coincides with the release of the latest version of OpCon, the workload automation platform by SMA Technologies.

Our new version, OpCon 19.0, takes the ease of automation one step further. We’ve made automation administration and management simpler and faster than ever. OpCon now features significant core updates, plus several enhancements to our Solution Manager, the OpCon API and our change management module, OpCon Deploy.

Do more with Solution Manager

One of the hallmark qualities of OpCon automation is it makes things easy. However, previous versions of OpCon required more administrative work. For example, operators who needed to update statuses would have to individually cancel scheduled jobs.

With OpCon 19.0, you can now control jobs on the date level. Instead of controlling schedules individually, you can cancel or hold everything at once. This change makes it much easier to manage development systems, further simplifying the user experience.

For added convenience, we’ve built a new daily summary screen into the Solution Manager. Like the old job information screen, it provides a broad overview of the OpCon automation environment. It also offers more granular data, such as metrics, timing, statuses, department/location, and access codes.

Lastly, we’ve added value to the Solution Manager in the form of a daily history view. Users can see their daily OpCon history and compare it historically. This should help in reading a day’s outputs, trend identification, and troubleshooting.

Expanded core compatibility

We’re particularly proud to announce that OpCon 19.0 now supports Microsoft SQL on Linux. Part of a larger move to support all of OpCon running on Linux, this compatibility sets a strong foundation for further flexibility, reach, and impact.

We’ve also improved the OpCon API, which now hosts the same features as our Solution Manager. Adding, modifying, and deleting jobs can be managed from the OpCon API. It can also update all dependency types, such as:

  • Job dependencies
  • Threshold dependencies
  • Resource dependencies
  • Expression dependencies

Webinar: OpCon 19.0 Release

Register for a webinar today to learn all about the OpCon 19.0 release. The latest release comes with several enhancements that will improve user experience for our workload automation platform.

  • Wednesday, July 31, 2019 – 1:00 PM CDT
  • Wednesday, August 7, 2019 – 2:30 PM CDT
  • Wednesday, August 14, 2019 – 9:30 AM CDT
  • Thursday, August 15, 2019 – 2:30 PM CDT

Accelerate development with the OpCon Deploy module

In our last version, we released our OpCon Deploy module to enable faster, more agile development cycles. For OpCon 19.0, we’ve further improved our change management module to enable more robust, continuous delivery.

Users can now check in schedules to Deploy, automatically removing them from their source environment. This version control feature virtually eliminates the risk of users working on outdated schedules or overwriting work done by associates.

In version 19.0, Deploy lists schedule and package versions separately. In line with our mission to simplify things, packages will not redeploy unchanged schedules, reducing overhead sum and streamlining version history. OpCon 19.0 also allows operators to cancel batch deployments from the Deploy interface, further streamlining the administrative process.

OpCon 19.0 makes enterprise automation easier than ever

OpCon, the workload automation platform powered by SMA Technologies, automates even the most complex digital environments. Our latest version, OpCon 19.0, features robust improvements to help your organization better integrate people, processes, and applications on every major operating system.

Want to look inside OpCon, including the new features and enhancements of Version 19.0? Fill out the form below to request a demo!

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