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OpCon empowers your people to take control of their work

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Jul 3rd, 2019

In 2019, just about every organization is pursuing some form of digital transformation. Financial institutions must incorporate new technologies to meet compliance and maintain their competitive advantages. However, the rapid pace of technological change often spreads thin even the most capable IT departments.

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Fortunately, digital transformation is a company-wide goal. No transformation can be complete if only one small group shoulders the load of modernization. At SMA Technologies, we understand that digital transformation today includes managers and business users from all departments.

OpCon, the workload automation platform powered by SMA Technologies, operates on precisely that principle.

Automating the financial environment

Financial institutions are supported by increasingly complex digital environments. Interdependent critical and peripheral systems support the business and achieve time-sensitive SLAs. Through it all, IT departments monitor and manage intricate workflows, address business user requests, ensure information security, handle patching and updates, and remain compliant.

Even after incorporating automated workflow sequences, IT personnel must work off-hours and non-workdays to implement changes and deploy new infrastructure. In short, they’re spread thin, and their jurisdiction of their digital environment cuts out other departments and reinforces silos.

The OpCon automation platform is designed to address those issues. OpCon ties together complex digital systems into one seamless automated environment. It handles repetitive manual tasks and processes, such as:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • End-of-day processing
  • File image transfers
  • History and audit logs

OpCon manages that and more, all while reducing errors, inefficiencies, and double postings. Moreover, the time savings from automation frees IT staff to pursue higher-level projects. Instead of monitoring processes and performing administrative triage, IT can glance at our easy-to-read OpCon Vision dashboard to assess the health of any scheduled processes.

With automation, IT can develop new solutions to move their organizations forward or adapt to technological and regulatory changes. In that sense, OpCon helps financial institutions become more proactive rather than reactive.

Empowering business users

Every employee must take part in digital transformation for it to be successful. It’s about the culture as much as it is about the technology. Consequently, OpCon doesn’t just empower IT departments to pursue higher-level tasks—it empowers users to assume more responsibility for their own success.

OpCon does so by including business users and managers in the traditional sphere of IT. With the OpCon web-based Self Service module, anyone can trigger workflow automations with a simple mouse click. This gives end-users more control over their own tasks.

Bringing end-users into the fold doesn’t just reduce calls to IT—it also helps to eliminate silos. Authorized users can reach beyond their own business unit by initiating and managing workflows that would otherwise call for slow manual intervention across departments.

Increasing institutional agility

When IT and other business departments are aligned, more gets done. And, when automation enables that alignment, everything moves much faster.

Automating financial institutions’ digital systems drastically augments scalability. Incorporating new technologies, migrating legacy systems, or adjusting to new regulations is faster, easier, and far less risky. OpCon automation facilitates a more agile, proactive approach to change and progress.

But that’s not the only way that OpCon helps with business agility. With OpCon’s available Deploy module, DevOps teams can increase the speed and consistency of deliveries. Deploy streamlines innovation and change cycles by helping teams import, develop, and test changes in a simulated target environment. Then, it can schedule deployment to one or several OpCon servers.

OpCon helps financial institutions unlock the potential in their people. With business users and IT aligned toward digital transformation, people can accomplish more in less time, increasing institutional agility. And, with OpCon handling all the messy details, financial institutions can take more chances—without taking more risks.

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