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OpCon is the engine that drives digital transformation

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May 23rd, 2019

Transitioning into the world of digital transformation and automation brings a few challenges. Read about how OpCon is designed to handle them.

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In the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about digital transformation. First, we discussed, what it is. Then, we looked at how different companies are pursuing digital transformation, and for what reasons.

(In case you wanted to catch up, you can read the introduction and the primer on strategies.)

In the second piece, we introduced a few of the common challenges that businesses face when pursuing digital transformation and how OpCon, the workload automation platform from SMA Technologies addresses those challenges.

However, we didn’t get into other business challenges. There are many business areas related to digital transformation that OpCon can also help to handle. In this article, we’ll look at how SMA Technologies’ workflow automation solution streamlines and modernizes complicated and inefficient business processes.

OpCon accelerates digital transformation through enterprise-wide automation

Although there are many pathways toward digital transformation, some are more robust than others. One of the most robust approaches is through workload automation.

Especially with tedious or time-sensitive tasks, humans perform slowly and with a relatively high likelihood of error. Workload automation involves using software to schedule, run, and manage business processes. There are some drawbacks to letting humans manually perform tasks. Thus, workload automation allows people to initiate workflows and business processes more smoothly, quickly, and efficiently, knowing that sophisticated automation software will carry out the workflow with speed and precision.

Aside from increased speed and efficiency, there are two secondary benefits to enterprise-wide automation.

  1. Integrating business units. Traditionally, longer or more complex workflows might require input from several departments. This often has the effect of making people in different units specialize in only one aspect of a workflow.
    However, enterprise-wide adoption of automation facilitates better integration with other business units. The result of workload automation is eliminated silos.
  2. Equips organizations for new technology integrations. OpCon’s automation strategy is thorough. It’s designed to incorporate future programs and technology, so that your organization can focus on growth and needs rather than logistics and integration.

Modernization through OpCon

OpCon excels in several categories. One such category is in transitioning from legacy to modern systems. Pursuing digital transformation is a difficult undertaking; it requires long-term cultural change, strategy, and support. The experts at SMA Technologies are experienced in guiding companies through that journey. OpCon acts as the glue between complex legacy systems and modern architectures.

Particularly in the case of migration, OpCon can help you move from mainframe batch processing into microservices. We design workflows and migration strategies to fit any underlying technological building blocks, so that as your systems change, your workflows remain constant.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with LzLabs. Their cutting-edge mainframe modernization tools ensure that any disruptive technology you use isn’t disruptive to your daily operations.

OpCon empowers your organization through self-service and vision

Moving into the world of end-to-end workload automation sounds complicated. In fact, it might seem a little too much like risk with a high learning curve—two of the main challenges that organizations have when pursuing digital automation. However, OpCon handles both of those concerns with self-service and vision options.

OpCon’s self-service setup allows end-users to trigger automation sequences with the click of a button. This intuitive solution gives users the ability to digitize the previously non-digital and to automate a surprising array of tasks.

Furthermore, OpCon’s self-service empowers end-users to manage workflows on their own, reducing their reliance on IT. This bridging of the gap between all business users and IT affords IT more time to focus on higher-level projects. Plus, it increases all users’ familiarity and skill across critical systems, thus enabling enterprise-wide automation.

OpCon’s vision is more than just a mission statement in this case. Vision turns complex PERT views into simple, card-based summaries. It can also provide an easy check into the overall health of any automated processes. Finally, OpCon supports SLA-monitoring capabilities that can self-correct if they’re ever in jeopardy.

Vision is about giving organizations and end-users the tools they need to see and understand what’s going on every step of the way. This kind of empowerment and transparency removes risk and learning curve from the equation.

A better approach to automation

SMA Technologies’ workload automation platform is designed to better integrate into existing systems and applications. To do achieve optimal results, we had to take a different tack.

A common way to automate complex business systems was with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. Unfortunately, RPA solutions are inflexible, and they require tinkering every time something as simple as a UI changes.

OpCon uses API automation, which offers much stronger application integrations that are far more upgrade- and future-proof.

Why SMA Technologies is the best automation partner

At SMA Technologies, we have built quite a track record of success. If you’re looking for a workload automation solution for your organization, there are a few things you should know about us.

First, we’re an automation partner, not just a platform. We think of automation as more than a service—we also see it as a series of collaborative processes. This means that we value your success over the wallets of our shareholders.

Second, we can save you money. Our partners have saved as much as 50% off the cost of enterprise automation by switching to us.

If you’d like to learn even more about OpCon and what it can do for your organization, request a custom demo below.

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Transitioning into the world of digital transformation and automation brings a few challenges. Read about how OpCon is designed to handle them.

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