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SMA Technologies: The Company Behind OpCon Automation

SMA Technologies doesn’t just want to sell software, we want to be a game changing partner for your organization.

We provide easy to use, powerful automation products created to help businesses get more time back in their day, empower their teams and drive greater ROI through improved efficiency.

What Drives SMA Technologies?

Our core values: collaboration, tenacity and an eagerness to win! Sure, it’s easy to throw these up on a wall and call it good. But that’s not how we do things here at SMA. Our core values were inspired by our incredible team and we use them to vet every single candidate we interview to ensure all new faces joining our team are driven by what drives us.


More minds are better than one. SMA thrives by not only working in the spirit of camaraderie in house, but also with our clients!


Whatever speed bumps, obstacles or hurdles we find on our path, we always find a way to persevere to find a way across the finish line.

Eagerness to Win

Competitive is an understatement for our team. Whether it's an internal milestone or going an extra mile for clients - we love to win!

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Meet Our Team

SMA is proud of our deep domain expertise. Starting from our CEO and through Sales, Support, Consulting and more - our team has a rich and deep experience in the markets we serve. This means partnering with SMA, means your working with professionals who have been there, done that and understand your needs through and through.

SMA is a remote first company. This means you don't get the best talent from our headquarters in Houston - but you get the best talent - period.

The Future of SMA Technologies

While we are proud of our rich history - being born of NASA and in business for over 40 years - but what really excites us is our future. Today, we are the favored automation tool for large credit unions. Up ahead, we're planning on being the number one choice for all things automation for all financial institutions and insurance companies. We believe in our product - the sky's the limit.