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Next-Gen Automation for Insurance

Digital transformation has increased IT workloads for insurance companies more than ever before, resulting in a more complex IT environment from legacy systems to cloud, virtualization and IoT that job schedulers and home-grown automation scripts are built to handle. The cost of not getting this right can be very real. The good news is modern-day workload automation software like SMA OpCon is built with today’s IT challenges in mind, helping you streamline processes and manual tasks and free up IT resources to focus on more strategic growth initiatives for your insurance company.

The Benefits of Workload Automation for Insurance Companies:

  • Less Downtime: OpCon is designed to run on dedicated servers, so your jobs can run even when the mainframe is down or undergoing routine maintenance. “With [our prior scheduling solution], if we had to take the mainframe down, all our agents stopped running,” says Deb Brugma, Manager of the Operations Team at Ameritas, one of the largest insurance holding companies in the U.S. with 4.9 million customers nationwide. “With OpCon, if we need to conduct routine maintenance, our agents continue to run on their own, because they work independently from the mainframe.”
  • Better Reporting: Since it is built on a powerful SQL database, OpCon offers a virtually unlimited range of customized reporting to meet any organization’s unique needs. These dynamic reporting capabilities opened up a “world of possibilities” for Ameritas, according to Ed Watson, Systems Programmer. “Reporting will be a lot easier in the long run than it was with [our prior scheduler], which only offered a few canned reports but little customization.” Read more about Ameritas' story.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Workload automation brings unprecedented efficiencies into your insurance operations, helping to reduce staffing and other operational expenses and achieve remarkably short payback periods. In addition, OpCon offers fully transparent, easy-to-understand billing, with no hidden fees, which allows you to forecast ROI for your insurance company more accurately. After one of the world’s largest insurance companies converted to OpCon, it successfully reduced its total cost of ownership (TCO) for process automation by 50 percent.
  • Crucial Disaster Recovery Protection: When Noridian Mutual Insurance Company’s main data center flooded, OpCon helped the insurer’s operations get back up and running in record time, with no jobs missed or run out of sequence.
  • Minimize Human Error: Noridian’s human operators controlled over 800 processes per day, leading to an unacceptably high rate of human error. Thanks to OpCon’s event-driven automation, human intervention is minimized and all jobs now run accurately, helping to prevent out-of-sequence errors. Learn more about Noridian's transformation.

What Insurance Companies Are Automating

Insurance institutions around the world are using SMA Technologies’ OpCon workload automation solution to improve business-critical processes and tasks such as:   

  • Integrating Digital Infrastructure. Manage siloed technologies from legacy systems to cloud, virtualization and IoT on a single, integrated platform.
  • Improving Business Continuity. Enable self-healing routines to keep operations running during unplanned application or system interruptions.
  • Enhancing Security & Compliance. Manage role-based privileges and automatically log all actions to meet compliance needs.
  • Streamlining Data Warehouse and ETL Processes. Automate ETL processes in a repeatable way for data warehouse, AI and other applications.
  • Automating File Transfers. Easily orchestrate file transfers across your company and third parties.
  • Automating IT Processes. Integrate and orchestrate tools, people and processes to improve operational efficiency.

OpCon Offers Enterprise Scalability and Power, without the Complexity

Scalability with Enterprise Grade Power. OpCon's automation platform offers you operational control over the most complex environments - allowing you to scale automation as your insurance company grows. Capabilities like frequency scheduling, master/daily scheduling and multi-instance scheduling, you control when, how often and in what order your tasks run. This provides unmatched flexibility and visibility, and best of all - it reduces errors.

Quick, Easy Automation. OpCon unlocks your business to quickly automate workflows to cut down your IT team’s load. The majority of tasks can be automated in low code, no scripting required, to save you time and energy. And through OpCon’s Self Service application, business users can trigger automated processes with the simple click of a button - no IT support necessary. What will your team do with the time savings?

Successful Deployment Guaranteed. Rest assured knowing your success with OpCon is guaranteed, so you get peace of mind knowing you made the right choice. With SMA Technology’s extensive migration expertise and transparent pricing model – no hidden fees or surprise add-ons— it’s clear why we have a track record of 100% success with launching clients on OpCon.

Financial Service Expertise. SMA’s dedicated team has unmatched experience and expertise in implementing and supporting automation of leading insurance software solutions. In addition, OpCon integrates seamlessly with the most common enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Infor; IT service management (ITSM) solutions, like ServiceNow; and Windows and Linux server environments, to ensure that all workload processes flow smoothly and efficiently.

Best-in-market Automation Features and Functionality – to Insure Your Success

OpCon provides a broad set of sophisticated features that are incredibly easy to set up and use – allowing insurance businesses of all sizes to easily scale automation across a wide range of various jobs. OpCon’s unique, best-in-market features include:

  • Event-driven Commands: OpCon can receive events from any system and schedule jobs based on several variables. In essence, any system that can generate a text file can interact with OpCon.
  • Frequency Scheduling: Control triggers for when tasks run through rules instead of defined schedules to reduce errors and save time maintaining calendars.
  • Master/Daily Scheduling: Maintain jobs and the frequencies they run, providing visibility to what runs today and in the future.
  • Multi-Instance Scheduling: Reuse workflows with variable parameters to eliminate the need to create new workflows each time.
  • Advanced Failure Criteria: Control the most complex applications to create clean workflows and eliminate unexpected failures.
  • Expressions: Flexibly define the order of when tasks and processes run to provide superior control to help meet your business needs.
  • Fast, Easy Automation, with Minimal Coding Skills Required: SMA’s Self Serve platform is designed specifically for business users with the goal of reducing the load on IT. Non-IT users are able to trigger automated processes with a quick click of a button. Additionally, OpCon’s low code capabilities means most automation tasks can be done without having to write scripts - making it very simple to use, even for inexperienced staff. Did we also mention we offer free basic training, too?
  • Fast, Risk-free Deployment: SMA’s experienced teams can get automation up and running for insurance business in weeks, not months. By employing a proven migration toolkit and templates, SMA has successfully migrated hundreds of thousands of jobs. This helps ensure that migration from existing tools is fast and effective. And best of all - helps you see value FAST.

Automate Your Insurance Processes Once, Scale Infinitely

A good rule of thumb: if you have to do something more than once, automate it.

Once you automate a business process it’s like having your most reliable employee running it perfectly every single time. With OpCon’s advanced workload automation and orchestration solution, your IT team has the power to set and forget an infinite number of processes, freeing them to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives for your insurance organization. Just as importantly, automation significantly reduces the risk of errors from manual processes.

Expertise to Guide You

SMA’s automation experts bring decades of experience automating complex business processes in insurance. We’ve got installation and migration from your existing outdated scheduler down to a fine-tuned process. Our consultants can typically get your team fully trained and ready to go live with the automation of key back-office processes within weeks.

Maximizing Your ROI

SMA offers no cost, unlimited basic training for the life of your contract. We know that getting a strong ROI requires earning the full confidence of your team, so we provide them with the necessary skills to not only run your core ERP processes, but to expand automation to other business units – bringing even more value.

Discover how the OpCon workload automation and orchestration solution can streamline your operations and empower your team.

Let our experts demonstrate how easy OpCon is to install and operate. We’re ready to answer all your questions and show you why we’re the solution of choice for leading insurers.

Start your OpCon Journey Today with SMA’s Free Resources

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A Little More About SMA Technologies

SMA Technologies offers powerful, easy-to-use workload automation and orchestration software to eliminate manual tasks and manage workloads across business-critical operations. It's the perfect fit for financial institutions, insurance companies, and other transactional businesses. Many of our team members come from financial institutions and have personally experienced the power of OpCon. We exist to give you time back, so you can do what really matters—whether that's implementing strategic business objectives or making it to your child's sports games, our automation makes it possible.