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Execute automated workflows, no matter how complex, with the click of a button

When you implement automation to streamline and simplify your enterprise, make sure you’re truly streamlining and simplifying. OpCon Self Service is an add-on module that distills any workflow, even the most complicated, to a simple button. Instead of multiple access points and multi-step procedures, your end-users literally raise an index finger and click. Done.

Make life better for everyone

With Self Service, everyone becomes more productive. End users are able to execute a wide variety of automated tasks easily and instantly. Activate a presentation. Automate password resets. Send event-triggered emails. Create templated files. Onboard or offboard employees. Temporarily suspend user credentials for audits and compliance. Whatever needs to be done, click, it’s done.

Life gets better for your IT team, too. With end-users fully empowered, IT is no longer bombarded with calls and emails.

Your tech pros aren’t ambushed at the coffee station and pulled into time-eating tasks to fix issues or walk employees through confusing procedures. Now everything in the workplace just clicks.

Secure systems simply

The OpCon administrator can create buttons according to each user’s workflow responsibilities. Classifying buttons by role makes everything easier for the user, and much safer for the company. If there are multiple stages in a workflow, certain buttons can be grayed out and made unclickable to certain users, so each person can see his or her role in the overall workflow and how the sequence is progressing.

You also have the option to allow mobile access to certain buttons while keeping other workflows behind your firewall. Authorized users are able to perform tasks without lugging laptops around everywhere they go. Users can also remotely transfer privileges to the responsible party on duty.

Give end-users access with total confidence

Trigger complex workflows with the simplest action ever invented — a click

To capitalize on the immense benefits of automation, end-users need access. Yet with many automation platforms, this leads to multiple interaction points that require training to navigate. This lengthens onboarding of new employees and increases calls to IT. Self Service is the fix.

This add-on module for OpCon allows you to control complex workflows from one interaction point. With one button push they can initiate a workflow. They’re no longer trying to learn multiple steps and making mistakes, which means they’re no longer bombarding IT with cries for help.

A single point of control for all your business systems

OpCon can make virtually all applications and environments accessible with a connector, command, web service, or API.

Common integration types include ERP and apps, platforms and systems, cloud, and marketplace.

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