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OpCon Deploy

Control workflow change management on your schedule, your definitions, your terms
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Video: See workflow automation software in action

Manage your updates and testing rollouts with OpCon Deploy, and rollback to a previous working version with a click of a button

Automate your workflows with agility, speed and accuracy

Implementing automation is all about managing change. That’s why we built Deploy into the OpCon platform, so you can maintain changing workflow definitions in your DevOps environment seamlessly, speedily and assuredly.

Using Deploy, you are able to manage the full life cycle of workflow change, from creation, transformation, updating, testing, simulation, all the way through to deployment. The entire process is easy: simply drag and drop schedules, job definitions and scripts from your OpCon environment and you’re on your way. You’re able to build up efficiencies across your systems while tearing down the risk of errors.

Fail-Safe flexibility

As changes are promoted from development to testing to production systems, the OpCon Deploy change management system assures consistency and smooth transition.

Plus, you have the ability to revert to any past iteration instantly if you need to backtrack for any reason. With Deploy, a change, audit, and log management software, you’re never stuck trying to unravel massive complex changes to find an issue. You can rollback to any workflow from any point in time, whether you’re making changes rapidly or rarely. And while you’re at it, you’re also building an audit trail to shore up compliance.

Control everything

With Deploy, a workflow automation software, you can schedule and automate when you want your workflow deployments to happen. You don’t have to build workarounds for non-business hours, weekends, holidays or any other special case. You can batch deployments as you see fit and know they are rolling out exactly when and how you want them to.

Conquer your change management challenges

A single point of control for all your business systems

OpCon can make virtually all applications and environments accessible with a connector, command, web service, or API.
Common integration types include ERP and apps, platforms and systems, cloud and marketplace.

Tap into our expertise

Take control with OpCon Deploy

Add-Ons, Features, Product

With OpCon Deploy, you can import workflows from any OpCon environment, apply transformation rules, simulate the changes, and then deploy selected versions of workflows to one or more OpCon servers.

All new OpCon, all new OpCon Deploy

OpCon Releases, Cross-Industry

To add even more value to our newest version of OpCon, we've improved our Deploy module. With OpCon 19.0, change management is simpler than ever.

Explore how OpCon Deploy can help you reduce risk and ensure compliance

Let us show you how OpCon Deploy can assure change management consistency across your DevOps environment.
Contact us to schedule a demonstration and see how you can use OpCon Deploy to control all workflow definitions in one environment using DevOps principles.